16 Oktober, 2012

ever thought of horror

carl cox playin in venezuela, recently!

hm, next time you might recognise the guy at the door with a different view

02 März, 2011

long time no see

I switched from Firefox to Chrome at work and I'm really content.
Now I considered checking my blogger account after a while.... 2 years!

18 Dezember, 2009

happy hanukkah... hey yah...

djtechtools brings some nice tracks to throw in a season mixtape.
one of them is the mashup of outkast's [love below] hey ya

season's grettings y'all!

02 Dezember, 2009

Sean Paul & Hard House Banton - Heatwave Refix

the heatwave have released another refix.... as an early christmas present. enjoy sean paul & hard house banton - temperature vs sirens

07 Oktober, 2009

daft punk to cameo in tron legacy

Olivia Wilde [13 from the tv series House] reveals to mtv that daft punk will not only deliver the soundtrack to the upcoming movie tron legacy but will also have small cameoin their robot outfit. good news everyone!

06 Oktober, 2009

where the wild things are

die 5 filmfreunde haben neue trailer:

20 September, 2009

interesting movie this fall

'harry brown' with sir micheal caine:

why do the better films get released after summer?
because it's more fun to watch a decent movie when there is no distraction from the good weather.

18 August, 2009


poor milhouse mussolini van houten.... every couple of years a new dad!

warum bild.de nicht meine Informationsquelle ist

weil es für mich eigentlich genau umgekehrt aussieht!

12 August, 2009

new video bits

interesting swiss movie, kind like alien:

and the lookout for the all new dexter:

via 5filmfreunde

07 August, 2009

jamaica 47!

the heatwave comes with a tribute for the 47th anniversary of Jamaicas independency: Super Cat - Jamaica Jamaica..... not quite Jimy Cliff with 'Oh Jamaica' but still a treat

16 Juli, 2009


nasa offers a way to travel to mars for free. ok, it's only your name, but I still think that's remakable:
mars science laboratory
[thx cashy]

13 Juli, 2009

dude - man!

and he drinkst 8 white russian but does not finish a single one....

10 Juli, 2009

in memoriam

the jackson pfeife - dj koze is great!

03 Juli, 2009

like "in the days"

just bought run dmc - best of [I own only 2 of their albums]. And believe me, hearing Run DMC 'Run's House' on your iPod makes you feel like hearing it through an old walkman whilst cruising on the street with your skateboard..... in 1986!

21 Juni, 2009

Sydney Panorama

done with free software from microsoft:
image composite editor
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15 Juni, 2009

08 Juni, 2009

05 Juni, 2009

picture of the week

microsoft's bing offers serials for win xp

[thanks to cashy]

26 Mai, 2009

fortuna for fun?

after winning the last game for this season and moving up to the second league some bastards used the celebration downtown for some action. but see for yourself and don’t tell me that the police provoke this outrage:

17 Mai, 2009

song for the summer 2009?

paul kalkbrenner - sky and sand

... yes, and I know it's from 2008!

13 Mai, 2009

it's quite simple

to set me in a good mood:
just play peter sarsted's 'where do you go to my lovely' in the office and instantly feel good!

07 Mai, 2009

amarok 2 in ubuntu 9.04 no problem!

allthough ubuntu 9.04 comes with gnome [otherwise it would be kubuntu] it easiely plays music through the kde4 application amarok 2. now amarok just needs an upgrade for an ipod-support..

28 April, 2009

believe it or not

germany is no 3 for trading weapons world wide. with a 10% of the market just behind the us with 30% and russia with 25%. not china or anybody else.
as always assumed, trading weapons is highly resistant to a crisis, war will never die [the exports rises for 70% for the last 5 years].
greatest hits are the leopard 2 tank and submarines [only small ones for the german sea].
source: stern/SIPRI

24 April, 2009

i want one of those


american dream, audiophile series / moses 2006

not to be mistaken

mgtm vs gntm [germanys next topmodel}

19 April, 2009

upcoming movies

just checked the apple trailer page and enjoyed some interesting movies in hd:

where the wild things are [from spike jonze]

the hurt locker

hangover [seems to be something like a sequel to oldschool]

and off course terminator salvation.

the low down seems to be pandorum and drag me to hell [allthough the last one is from sam raimi]…..

17 April, 2009


I would always prefer a dog as a pet, but this gravitydefying cat would do as well.

02 April, 2009

ganesha - strange communication

it's hard to communicate with a powerful god:
i recieve an email from ganesha@world-of-amulettes.
content: did you recieve my dismissal?
answer: no, we need your dismissal in writing with your signing.

next email: i faxed it to you, did you recieve it?
answer: no fax here. as i told you, we need your signature.

next email: did you send your form to my right adress, it's on my fax......

01 April, 2009

moday demonstrations

they stopped in the gdr around 1989, wuppertal still has them:

every monday a demonstration in front of the main station.