18 August, 2005

suspicious minds

wanna look suspicious for most of the secret intelligence services?
try buying philipp sarasin´s "anthrax" via amazon; by the way, really an interesting book

17 August, 2005

world youth day 2005

i really get angry when i see what could be done in an every day use for a lot more people by the effort taken in this particullar festival. anyway kids, enjoy yourselfs and use a condom!


after the last weeks of a bad mixture of thunder, rain and anything else but sunshine it finally seems summer is here. kind of a relief, really!

15 August, 2005

mal eher so ne generelle frage

-dumm f*ckt gut, ist da eigentlich was dran?
- weiss nicht, kriege so wenig rückmeldungen...

is it just me....

is it just me or are those "funny" tv-shows more depressing than anything else?

sleeping dog

has the sleeping dog behind me just farted or do i have to look under the bed for a small unpleasant present?

how hard

how hard can it be to be limited by only 160 characters per post? have a look