31 Dezember, 2005

thanks arte

for the worst explanation of the term 'house music':
because you could make it at home [at your house]....

erm, NO!

28 Dezember, 2005

blogcounter trouble

ich verweise nur hierhin
oder auch hierhin
oder mal hierhin

rak düsseldorf

im antrag die wunderbare frage:
versichern sie, dass sie die freiheitliche demokratische grundordnung nicht in strafbarer weise bekämpfen?

christmas content

it´s not the same as in sydney.
over there they´re rowing to the harbour bridge on boxing day [the only possibility, no ferries in the morning]. over here we´re doing 14 km in a quadruple with frezing temperatures....

24 Dezember, 2005


it simply ain´t complete without chanting 'silent night' together with 300 drunken souls at night and rowing the next morning with a headache....
merry christmas

23 Dezember, 2005

21 Dezember, 2005

2005 review

for those of you who doesn´t want to read much, great pictures of the year from reuters

20 Dezember, 2005

no christmas music

award winning dj's rossi b and luca have some really good mix-cds [good blend of everything in the ukgarage scene] as download on their brandnew website

18 Dezember, 2005

angelina jolie

had some pretty lame movies. I wonder where her fame comes from...
[obviously not from such highlights as 'hackers' or 'the bone collector' ]


how can a crappy tv station like tele5 spent some money on a cineastic gem like jaques tati's 'playtime' and air it on an early sunday morning? [and make me miss some rowing in freezing temperatures]

16 Dezember, 2005

moment, da steckt doch logik hinter...

bauern beklagen sich, dass bei dem stromausfall wegen schneefalls ihre milch nicht gekühlt werden konnte....
moment?!?! strommasten brechen wegen schneelast zusammen und ihr sagt, eure milch wird warm? mir kommen spontan zwei ideen, dieses porblem zu lösen!

rowing news

the duesseldorf airport has been closed for three hours due to severe weather conditions.
rowing still took place!

those were the days

doc scott & mc conrad [live in berlin 1996]
peaktime d'n'b with lots of oldschool gems, tracklist
thanks breaksblog, via republish

15 Dezember, 2005

geschmacksverwirrung part II

danke rtl II dafür:
und abends geht es in die gothik disco
song im hintergrund: daf - tanz den mussolini


am i getting old? i have to admit i like the bob sinclair´s 'love generation'.
[you know, the song for the soccer worldcup 2006, with that stooopid goleo]

14 Dezember, 2005


i just signed my work contract today. not that much but it gives me some confidence....
and i like working with people who seem to be sprung out of a helge schneider movie!


why do i always when i hear the song 'christmas in my heart' think about 'christmas in the hollies'?
sarah connor vs. run dmc, sounds like a good bootleg!

07 Dezember, 2005


Bild.T-Online.de: "32 von 42 Punkten
Der enthemmte Weihnachtsfeier-Mittelpunkt

„... war bei allen Kollegen stets beliebt“, würde in Ihrem Zeugnis stehen. Das heißt: Sie sind in der Firma der Garant für gute Stimmung. Wenn Sie auf der Feier auftauchen, geht die Post ab. Sie flirten gern, tanzen zu später Stunde schon mal auf dem Tisch. Mit Ihrem grenzenlosen Charme kann es dann leicht passieren, dass Sie so manchem Kollegen das Herz, obwohl in festen Händen, stehlen."

wieso war ich bloss nur auf so wenigen weihnachtsfeiern?

05 Dezember, 2005

ok, out of time

i´m late when it comes to mobile trends. but as i got some vouchers i could download liquid´s 'sweet harmony' as mobile ringtone

02 Dezember, 2005

don´t get me wrong

terrorism can´t be justified!
what i really was confused of is that there is such a media / tabloid uproar with all affiliates of the hostage with no matter of the real person.

30 November, 2005

familie walert, anyone?

if you stay in a country against any warnings from the authorities why is there such an uproar? ok, it´s the first geman person involved in anything in iraq but still....

28 November, 2005

for the first time

this year: 28th of november, wham´s 'last christmas' appears for the first time.

26 November, 2005


there´s some truggle about borat being called to court by the prime minister of kasachstan. here is borat´s very own answer

25 November, 2005


i just love this city. when i leave the crowded christmas market behind me and enter the promenade to the river with simon&garfunkel 'the boxer' in my ears.... alone.....

grime, grime, GRIME?

you read about grime, here and here, now you want grime?
i got grime!!! rwd mag mixtape vol I, 40 grime tracks.....

23 November, 2005

csi miami

'stop, miami day police'

no, i´m just doing my nightshift.... hahaha

trennung leicht gemacht

nein, nicht mit dem trennungsabo, aber vielleicht auch so:
sonnenbank billg abzugeben

22 November, 2005

puppy content

he´s cute but has a strong will, and he will be trained with old tires and treat mills. just kidding!

21 November, 2005

spot the boat

finally found some time to scan some old pictures, fun in the city and a rowingboat

go, get some popcorn!

life gives you the best topics for some movies:
winner for the best nerd-talk at heise.de: single-börsen mit tipps für ikea-besuche
[please check the answers]
comes in second, close behind the pango thread for toilettes lovers

20 November, 2005

herne mitte!

german hiphop [no aggro rap from berlin], indian mc with german lyrics, heavy and fast:
genuin steril - erster

dean gray pres. american edit

ray cokes style: scramble this anagram!
bootleg/mashup version of green days 'american idiot'. nice, since grime has become a trend mashups are out of interest.....

17 November, 2005

wanna feel like a pro?

like cycling? like cycling in the city? love the excitement when you go over pavements etc?
don´t try this: NYC messenger bike race


what funny email adresses can be found in my inbox, and yes, these are used by friends of mine:
dr. branda walsh bh90210
mira sierra
alberts tochter
kai bombero
lord matze
snowy fenton
post fuer nora
ritter schienenblitz
ruder ralf
schwester peter
tidy work

zündel update

german news, 'kopfschütteln'
zu juristischen hintergründen hier

silly ads

'do you love christmas decoration but hate the struggle with the christmas candles? we have THE solution for you: cordless candles!'
WOW, ours are also cordless and they´re made of parafin

16 November, 2005

yeah II

i´ve been invited by a german sports magazin for some indoor-skiing, never skied before! won first place in the fit for fun ski programme price is two days in the indoor skiing. maybe i should try some snowboarding!


warner plans to offer tv-series via internet, for free, with short ad-breaks [up to 2min per episode] english news
german news

14 November, 2005

i am free

to do what i want to. suse linux 10.0 up and running. feels good, is this the moment for me to switch over?

11 November, 2005

guns don´t kill people, rappers do!

if your looking for me in the web. that´s me after being held as hostage for 24 days, NO! i just had a bbq and they asked me for my picture, you can join them as well!

commercial, great

no matter what they advertize this ad is great! and if you like the music, it´s about three years old and can be found in a mix from adam sky [former adamski, remember 'killer']. his site is unfortunately down.
p.s.: ad is for x box 260

10 November, 2005


am i just tired/exhausted from last night out?
or do i start to get sick?
is it just fall depression, simple sadness, has my heart always had this shuffle rhythm? or am i just waiting for a call?

nice lines

'i´m addicted, you are my drug tonight`
alex kid - come with me [tiga acideathrave mix]

open office 2.0

why is the office suite open office with all the programs like 'writer, calc, impress, draw, base and formel' with all its functionality comes just in 76 mb? comparisson to MS office.....

09 November, 2005


even belgium´s radio stations are reporting in their prime time news about ernst zuendel being accused in germany!

06 November, 2005

sunday morning [warning, long content]

ok, i just want to tell you a little story which might take a while / some lines.

last weekend some of my friends moved out of their shared appartement in downtown düsseldorf. i was one of the helping hands [ok, there were only 10 hands in total, so not that many]and thought as these two guys are quite chaotic 'better bring yourself something to drink and eat. or even better, bring something for them, too. so they might have some energy.'
i bought a couple of buns at the bakery, had some of them for myself on the walk and kept for cheesy buns for them.
as i came up to the museum 'kunstsammlung' i met a tramp [sounds the best this way, hobo or bum isn´t nice, and not doing this special guy it´s right]. i knew him because of my early training this summer. when i´ve been riding my bike to the harbour at half past five he took his sleeping matrass and left his night place at the 'ratinger tor' in the park. this seemed to be the only place tramps are nowadays allowed to sleep because of the rigid policy of the town of düsseldorf.
anyway, i passed him by, he was cleaning his glasses and looked at my way. i catched a blink and nodded to him.
as i was walking along i thought 'don´t you have something for this poor fella?'
i knew i only had 1,30 € as change mony from the bakery in my pocket which felt nothing suitable for this situation. so i stepped back, wished him a good morning and asked whether he already had breakfast.
he was kind of astouned, looked at me without saying anything.
so i told him that i could offer him two cheesy buns.
he dind´t say anything.
i just pulled the two buns out of the bag and put them into his hand. as i´ve sen him before i knew he wasn´t dirty. by this his face cleared. he didn´t smile but his reaction was really happy. not only because of the food he´s got but [i guess] because of the 'normal' treatment he recieved.
i wished him a good sunday and left. with a really good feeling. not because i helped somebody, this wasn´t what i intended. but because i made him feel good, like an accepted human being.

second part, present, as today, sunday.
coming home from training yesterday i thought, if you see the same waitress at the bakery and the weather is good tomorrow, you buy him a couple of buns.
as you might guess, the weather was fine [so he might be in his usual place] and i got a beautiful smile from the girl behind the counter. so i proceeded as planned, passed another tramp at the 'ratinger tor' leaving his sleeping place.
i met him in his usual place, sitting on some stairs and filling a small pipe with tobacco.
i just stopeed in front of him. he glanced at me without remembering me. i just handed him the bag with buns and told him that they were coming straight from the oven to show him my honesty in cause he was suspicious.
he just took the bag and thanked me. i left with wishing him a pleasant sunday.

after a few meters behind him i turned to the side of the 'kunstsammlung' to run into a hughe crowd of people. which reminded me of the biggest exhibition of henry matisse held right now at this museum. sponsored by KPMG.
they´ve build a special and expensive building for queueing infront of the building and there were already a lot of people waiting even at this time of the day without the museum being open.
all of these people were dressed properly, quite fashionable. and i thought:
if all you joggers out there who run sundays through the park, all you single dads / mums who buy something for breakfast on sunday mornings together with your kids, all you sponsors out there, if you all would buy two buns more as you normally would do and gave them to the next tramp you meet..... just make them feel normal and accepted.
i don´t have any money to give but i can afford two buns, everybody can!
think global but act local!

04 November, 2005

people you meet

when trying to purchase quite fashionable brands at reasonable prises [a.k.a. sell out]
a) the guys from your local records store
b) the sister of your friend
c) oliver bondzio [dj and one half of hardfloor]

elite content?

listening to 'run the road' and 'run the road vol. II'
can it get any better, more innovative?

03 November, 2005

europe music awards

the one thing [besides borat] to watch the ema's: live appereance of gorillaz!

just a coincidence?

we have 4 hours of abba history on tv, just in the moment that madonna´s new single [main theme is a sample from abba´s 'gimme gimme gimme'] is about to released?

31 Oktober, 2005

halloween content!

saw 2 is out!
and i´m already sh*tting my pants for this one.

umzüge, in viele kleinen teilen!

wenn 2 leute gleichzeitig ihre wg verlassen und in getrennte buden ziehen ist VIEL in der d#dorfer altstadt zu wuppen. besonders wenn es chaotisch ist. fundstücke siehe unten:
[die 3l sekt kanne wurde seit 3 1/2 jahren nicht bewegt, das brot vermutlich auch nicht]

29 Oktober, 2005

mambo, mambo!

ok, great stuff from the surf company mambo but even better entertainment from the one man show mambo kurt!!! [tonight in düsseldorf, coffy closing]

28 Oktober, 2005

imitate don´t innovate!

it´s time to hate madonna again.
saw the new video, boring song, ripp off video.
breakers, yamakasi, clowning & crumping.....you suck more styles than a hoover!

funny call in shows

in belgien radio.
the task for the calling guest is to get a girl on a sex hotline to say three given words.
in his case:
burkah [shador for my non islamic friends]

ode to joy [dog named willy]

exactly 14 years you were there,
you came innocent and helpless, you left the same.
but in between you were the strongest, reliable and best comrade i could think of.
never resentful always in good mood, a real character!

i can only hope you led a good dog life with us as we had a real good life with you.
cheers my hairy mate!

you will stay unforgotten

24 Oktober, 2005

next big thing?

no, not music this time.
everybody was talking about podcasts now watch this!

[grime time is doing video casts]


songs you hear at the end of the summer, think they´re great and then.....
this year: mattafix - big city life
2002: slam - life times!

22 Oktober, 2005

times have changed

i used to hate madonna, found her music is annoying;
now i think she is just negligible.


wunderbar, es regnet, ich stehe mit dem hund in der nähe des radweges und werde penetrant angeklingelt! von einer trulla, die entgegen der fahrtrichtung den radweg benutzt, kopfhörer trägt und dann noch frech wird als ich sie in den gewohnt dezenten worten darauf aufmerksam mache, dass sie doch deutlich genug platz hat und das obwohl sie sich gegen die verkehrsregeln verhalte.

so ist das also, apes killing apes, cyclists punching cyclists!

21 Oktober, 2005

second hand words

to use somebody else´s words, jules said:
so this is what fall could also be like!

[meaning: no sun but some cold rain]

20 Oktober, 2005

good news

while on the jobhunt there´s sometimes a nice attitude:
no, we only wear a tie in our office if there´s someone important coming. all the other clients have been to suit and tie advisers and now they´re bankrupt. that´s why they´re coming to us, we are craftsmen!

19 Oktober, 2005


trying to cook?
here´s a good recipe, hot chilli sauce, as i have a chilli plant sitting in my kitchen window!


ok, they´re one of my oldest fav´s: PUBLIC ENEMY!
and they even recorded a song one day before an angry kanye west spoke next to mike 'austin 'danger' powers' meyers about the aftermath of hurricane katrina...
AND they played to keep the CBGBs alive!
from enemy to helping hand! [more than 160]

18 Oktober, 2005

thanks the north face

great invention 'monkey thumbs' a.k.a. 'Thumbhole extensions at cuffs'! really great but looks kind of sutpid regarded from a more stylish point of view, but still it´s great sports wear!

17 Oktober, 2005


if you look close enough you might notice that in the video of 'the streets - i think you are really fit' they are drinking diebels beer.

last marathon content

45 km of liegé, the hardest of the last three rowing events. liegé is the bronx of belgium, ugly as hell and the barbeque of the rowing club is performed on old garbage bins and paint buckets.

16 Oktober, 2005

soap on a rope

'cause the beats and the lies are so dope!
no, it´s just 'keili, die seife die in jeden winkel kommt'

life´s good

when you come home after you got up at 7am, went to liegé, had a row for 45km in 3hours 23 mins, got home at 9:45pm and went out at 10:05pm till 3 am and can watch REN & STIPMY at nick!

12 Oktober, 2005


why is it that every 'new' hiphop head needs to talk like this:
'If you haven't heard my poetry mixtape then you're missing out on some truely next level shit!'

blast from the past

public enemy - fear of a black planet [1990, a REAL masterpiece]
still sounds as radical and as fresh as back in the days..... great. all lyrics here: PE homepage

11 Oktober, 2005

pommesgabel content

this is a pommesgabel

marathon mass content

ok, we only finished second place [no worries, christian, we´re after them!] but here are some nice pics! and sorry for the small postage of google´s picasa [nice piece of software but you can´t switch off that resizing]


you it´s really late when come from work and subway is closed.....

07 Oktober, 2005

oldschool - retro!

i´m oldschool and i love rowing [as well as OZ], which leads to

06 Oktober, 2005

nerd content II

suse linux 10.0 for download, please use torrent

feels great!

you notice the difference if they play rio reiser - könig von deutschland directly after xavier naido at mtv noise!
but why xaver at noise, only because he sings in german as well???

i never do....

marketresearch for my own person, but right now i switched over to congster as internet service provider. [i know, nerd content]

04 Oktober, 2005

song of the moment

as bad as it sounds:
peter sarsarstedt - where do you go to [my lovely]



sorry, no link for this recordlabel.... though i am the shitmagnet!

03 Oktober, 2005

now this is...

some music with balls in it:

pendulum [australia / breakbeat kaos] - slam

why is it that the uk charts are always much better?



30 September, 2005

what´s this?

no, not a pommesgabel, THIS is a pommesgabel! Posted by Picasa

28 September, 2005

mass postings...

sorry for the mass postings the last few times, but here´s a normal one:
whilst driving in belgium and going all over the dial i found a dance radio station near lokeren. have to go for all my old mokum and bonzai records now...

27 September, 2005

bad mood

on our return trip my left hand thumb is in a bad mood :( though there are not THAT many blisters this time, only 13... Posted by Picasa

for the survivors

it´s not about winning [at least not for us] what counts is finishing this torture alive, we did in 13 hours and 53 mins! and this is what you get, a tin cup AND a bottle of whine from the own reserve of the club! Posted by Picasa

style and grace

did i tell you that the club is home of the alinghi, winner of the admirals cup, roger federer was there last week.... it´s just totally feudal! Posted by Picasa

for those who still didn´t get it...

i´ve been participating in the tour du lac du leman [a.k.a. genfer see = 160 km of rowing in ONE piece] Posted by Picasa

taking a break

ok, we´re mad! driving 7 1/2 hours on thursday night to get to geneve and do some 14 hours rowing, get back in a 11 hour ride [trailer!], and usually taking only small breaks FACING THE HIGHWAY! Posted by Picasa


60 l of clothes, 3 kg of power bars, looks like i´m ready to go on a bad trip! Posted by Picasa

22 September, 2005

you know i´m old school

i switched to real shaving soap and l´occitane has a good product in a nice metal bowl, it actually makes your bathroom look good!
and it´s not expensive, 27 € per bowl. i use it for half a year now and there´s stil more than a half left...

21 September, 2005

party part V

as the sun went down the party is about to blast

party part VI

sundown with rhine view

party part IV

first guest enjoying the scenery

party part III

waiting for the first guests to arrive

party part II

you gotta love the dude and the great fridge in the back Posted by Picasa

party part I

only the first half of the beverages arrive Posted by Picasa