24 Dezember, 2005


it simply ain´t complete without chanting 'silent night' together with 300 drunken souls at night and rowing the next morning with a headache....
merry christmas

23 Dezember, 2005

21 Dezember, 2005

2005 review

for those of you who doesn´t want to read much, great pictures of the year from reuters

20 Dezember, 2005

no christmas music

award winning dj's rossi b and luca have some really good mix-cds [good blend of everything in the ukgarage scene] as download on their brandnew website

18 Dezember, 2005

angelina jolie

had some pretty lame movies. I wonder where her fame comes from...
[obviously not from such highlights as 'hackers' or 'the bone collector' ]


how can a crappy tv station like tele5 spent some money on a cineastic gem like jaques tati's 'playtime' and air it on an early sunday morning? [and make me miss some rowing in freezing temperatures]