13 Juli, 2007


never, never.... NEVER, absolutely never try fishsauce on its own!
you might need 2 liter of beverages to get rid of the taste.....
[i might try petroleum now, listerine?]

the beauty

[from left to right: simon fast, stephan nolden, ivan fast, sven "würmchen/cox" breidenbach, frank mager, wolf strauß, behind ansgar wessling; missing: bernhard spanke and me]

and the rest of the crew:

[you can also mix the titles of the pictures, as they were origianlly inteded]

no, it`s not

it's not the 90 minutes of rowing training but the 45 min per trip on the pushbike to the training that really gives you the rest!

10 Juli, 2007

summer 2007

no comparison to the world mastership summer 2006 [football] but some nice settings:

Not the best

training conditions:

broken oar from stadtacher training:

and our boat: