20 September, 2006

pre octurbofest content pt II

pendulum - slam
from the champiaons of the d'n b olympics, pendulum from nz, comes a intense video. music with balls and funny moments. fatboy slim like. watch till the end. there is a connection to the title...

pre octurbofest content

love this video!
thanks to fatboy slim for this very encouraging video.... music is neglectible.

ps: one of the girls actually is a guy and listen carefully, the waxing lady says she's from australia and her little brothers are all sheep shearers.....

if you ever

wondered what it would be like wlking from one of the messiest toilets in the rhine ruhr area to the dancefloor at a ukgarage party, this is what it feels like ;

sunny day in the harbour

and some nice reflection by the boatshed.... great finsh of 8 layers of black paint!

just testing

before i'm off to munich [yes, octurbofest] here's some crap ;)