21 Dezember, 2006

crappy...merry..... whatever

my mobile is broke. and they tell me that it's a damage caused by water....
what the hell? i may be sweatty, i may have recieved a call in the rain but does that really mean this thingy to break down?
what's next, ipod crashes because of humidity?

19 Dezember, 2006

love it or hate it!

cottage cheese [love it in my case]
vegemite [really love it, thanks wolf]

15 Dezember, 2006

at the hospital

ok, i've been mistaken but this one is even better:
my father comes from the wake up room and the nurse asks him whether he has a son that has done his civil service at this hospital and has alway eaten lots and lots of yoghurts....

yes, 12 years ago, it was me.

02 Dezember, 2006

aussie history [1st ww]

my friend bob posted somy really funny comments on a photo at the autralian war memorial blog:
here's the picture to comment on

and this are his comments, i would say: tipically australian to deal with history
- Giddyup.

- Where is everybody?

- On which part of this desolate plain will I forever lay?

- I gave up Bondi for this?

- So. This is the promised land?

- Now, where will I find Hezbollah?

- They didn't tell me about this at the recruitment depot.

- Coo-ee march. I'll give them coo-ee!

- I love a sunburnt county (apologies to D. Mackellar)

- And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plain extended. (apologies to A.B. Paterson)

- I'll ride you for the first fifty miles, and you ride me for the next fifty miles.

- At least I'll be able to eat the donkey

- The donkey's refusing to move Frank, so you can take as many photos as you like.

- They call me the donkey, but you're the one who was reading the map.

29 November, 2006


i've been mistaken many times:
lover/partner of someone
policemen undercover [once in cologne]

but this one's the best so far:
chief of medicine in a hospital [and i was just visiting someone after work]

24 November, 2006

due to the situation [read bad]

i'm in the mood for some silly non sense:

my hiphop company would be called 'crippled dick prod.'
the first album shall be named '10 rings no fingers'

some may

know this tune, some not, a really great tune....
and there is a really really good cover version of german indie rock group goin' around

15 November, 2006

knowledge is contagious

thanks to bob, who discovered this gem in commercial knowledge.....

12 November, 2006

04 November, 2006

new outfit

since our new costumes for carnival next years has been layed out, here's something it could have been....

stay tuned

smart clients

one really really challenged client who could affort the mental strenght of calling me at work asked me:
did you write the landlord's letter?

02 November, 2006

now that's what i call a feature

unplug your earphones from your ipod [nano] and it switches off to pause mode.....

29 Oktober, 2006

here it is

from my personal vault:
niels ruf doing some dodgy commercial for a detergent, and please remember:
IT'S NOT HIS OWN VOICE, for no matter why...


he's back:
niels ruf [comedy] at sat1, coming this fall/winter.....
what ever you think of him.
i still have a shamefull comercial for a detergent on my hd with him, a numb smiling and his voice being overdubbed...... waiting for youtube

26 Oktober, 2006

even better idea

ever thought of it: frying your chips together with your running pc?
it works!

vie: totally crap

23 Oktober, 2006

nobody knows

how many times i've heard the scissor sisters that weekend. we were about to call radio one [at drivetime on friday] to ask for the strokes 'last night', which would have been fitting for a theme for that show - wierd places you've waken up....
have to mention the best song in that hour: basement jaxx 'where's your head at'

you know it by then

that it has been a great night out when you enter a kids store for buying something worth 12,50 britsh pound, which is made for 6-12 year old you saw on the telly at your return at night. and i will post some pictures of the electronic testtube allien----

back from sheffield

it's been a GREAT weekend in manchester/sheffield, lots of stuff that mates do, 5 pubs in a row, 23 bags of crisps, playing nintendo's super mario kart [old school], downing a couples of beers, jägermeister and irnbru, laughing, farting and [as the perfect ending] getting upgraded for business class at the airport [which saved us waiting for hours at the check in where 350 ppl were waiting to get their luggage scanned... and made us come to our plane quite in time]

19 Oktober, 2006

the way it was meant to be...

i couldn't believe it this morning: the new headphones just work perfectly!
really, the earplugs fit into my ears that the channel is 'blocked' for other surrounding noise. strange effect, you can hear your own breathing when the music is off. but the sound of the headphones is so direct that you can hear a distinguish bass over the humbling sound of the rotten german trains... GREAT!

18 Oktober, 2006

and i'm off to...

manchester and birmingham for the weekend [not as good as my friend wolf who's going to oz for 3 weeks]. i'm trying to get a grip on the madchester style, visiting some recordstores and then off for some partying and drinking in sheffield.

black is the new black

black ipod nano with white plugs is a no-no
just recieved my new [and boomin'] sennheiser cx300 earplugs in black, that's style with some function and use.

29 September, 2006

grossartige mitglieder

'ich krich ja hatz II'

ok, als nächstes alg fünneff?

20 September, 2006

pre octurbofest content pt II

pendulum - slam
from the champiaons of the d'n b olympics, pendulum from nz, comes a intense video. music with balls and funny moments. fatboy slim like. watch till the end. there is a connection to the title...

pre octurbofest content

love this video!
thanks to fatboy slim for this very encouraging video.... music is neglectible.

ps: one of the girls actually is a guy and listen carefully, the waxing lady says she's from australia and her little brothers are all sheep shearers.....

if you ever

wondered what it would be like wlking from one of the messiest toilets in the rhine ruhr area to the dancefloor at a ukgarage party, this is what it feels like ;

sunny day in the harbour

and some nice reflection by the boatshed.... great finsh of 8 layers of black paint!

just testing

before i'm off to munich [yes, octurbofest] here's some crap ;)

10 September, 2006

the next step!

eclectic method - video mixing! WOW, some hard work in there,
35 mins of damn finde music with video! a gem, check it out

04 September, 2006

this little beatle can.....

Nach Polizeiangaben starb Steve Irvin heute Morgen an den Folgen einer Verletztung durch einen Stachelrochen, die er sich bei Dreharbeiten zu der Dokumentation “Deadly Sea Creatures” zuzog.

via wordpressed
endlich wieder gefunden


01 September, 2006

30 August, 2006

fedora core 5 live dvd

Download FC-5-i386-LiveDVD-Unity-20060821

filled with disgust

never just drop your wet all-in-one-piece [english] aka zootie [australian english] aka eingeiler [coll. german] or strampelanzug [even more coll. german] on the wodden floor. it might prevent you from a look filled with disgust on you for a smell like a litter box where a cat has given birth to 6 likkle kittens and two of them died in there.....

25 August, 2006

thrilling moment

installing ipod linux on my beloved ipod nano.....
[evil grin on my side, shivers and anarchisting fun]

steal this film

at least some kind of design!

19 August, 2006

Catching a Crab

rowing might hurt sometimes

18 August, 2006

ever thought of it?

easy f*cker....

not one of my best days...

too many clients to count in 4 fours, some mixed up appointments and then that:
we have a lonely lugagge in this train, so if you want to you can move to the end of the train...

i've never been scared by that but it's a bad feeling thinkig about whether your corpse might be found still wearing that tie!

16 August, 2006

pics of the last event

and that's what it looked like the last time:

pic by homerun hamburg

stick [and support] the locals

here's the announcing site of a friend of mine who's giving some up and coming talents a place to show their work.
first event was a success, enjoy the location while you can......

02 August, 2006


yesterday i tought a schoolgirl how to row.
afterwards she asked me what i'm doing for living. the answer astonished her:
you don't look like a lawyer......

and i thought it was compliment!

31 Juli, 2006

the ride of my life

no sexual content here.
the rhine tunnel is closed due to the start of the deutschland bicycle tour...closed for cars!
just entered it correctly with lights on my pushbike and rode through, was fun!
but i really shook my head when we were overtaken by a strange car....

26 Juli, 2006


thanks to http://durchdenwind.blogspot.com/

web-video news

welcome to the scene is live again!
season two episode 2 allready, update every thursday, enjoy

20 Juli, 2006

doing number two...

sounds like fun


a simple unexpected smile can totally make your day.
best when it's in the morning on your way to work by a beautiful woman,
unknown but she greets you and the rest of the day is ALL FINE!

08 Juli, 2006

prolly i'm gonna watch the soccer game tonight

but the german isn't as hopefull as this lucky guys ;)

25 Juni, 2006


why does blogger.com delete links to audiosites?

21 Juni, 2006


f*ck, just 2 hours of rowing.... and the skin allready shows some blisters. burning hell, really! reminds me of christmas 2003 in sydney.....

15 Juni, 2006

leeuwarden 2006

after some hours of rowing [through the night and the bigger part of the day] meet the crew of the drv:


google switched their minds:
google earth beta is available for linux!

29 Mai, 2006

at the end..

the difference between the sexes is how deep you walk into the bushes.....

28 Mai, 2006

21 Mai, 2006

word of the weekend

after aua
[yepp, i know it's childish]

you know it

you know it's been a good weekend if you nothing but used coffeepowder in your trashcan!
and i won't give a blood or urin sample....

17 Mai, 2006

turntablism the next step

besides it's phil collins and u2,please watch it to the end, enjoy!

16 Mai, 2006

danke, liebe ard, wirklich danke!

für den ehrlich plattdümmsten namen nach fipps asmussen:
die [achtung, brüller] robbe william spielt in irgendeinem streifen mit.
abgesehen davon, dass robbe im fernsehen mich immer direkt an gerontensender zdf denken lässt, spricht dieser name direkt mal wieder bände: spiessig und unlustig obwohl gerade das gegenteil gewollt war.

so, ich höre jetzt etwas von der guten alte dame roberta williams oder war es doch der junge georg, oder gar georg michealis?

10 Mai, 2006

mann mann mann!

ok, wir wissen alle, dass man bei ebay den papst-golf verramschen kann, nutzlose sachen wie ein 100m w-lan kabel oder auch ungebrauchte fürze [von den peinlichen ablichtungen der gegenständen mit dem sich nackt spiegelnden versteig... verkäufern mal abgesehen], jetzt gibt es noch eine neue form von unterhaltung bei ebay:

nicht, dass der artikel an sich witzig wäre, der verkäufer selber läuft zu höchstform auf, insbesondere in den fragen zu seinem artikel. ebay, marktplatz samt schwarzem brett!

07 Mai, 2006


why am i third place in msn search for pornstar?

there is only one thing i can do: shwoing off!

what is it....

about these 'fancy' scrafs everybody [besides me and some other quotable guys] is wearing?
they make neither look smart, nor sexy or anything else..... just like somebody has told you to waer them!
i could tie my dirty sportsocks around my neck and call it fancy..... but i wouldn't!!!


ok, it was horrible!
right from the start at the sceenic view right beneath the loreley we were washed! litterally and in every meaning.... over the next 5:34 hours my shoes were soaking wet, my feet started freezing.
my zootie and shirt dried several times but then again the got wet by the next wave. and nearly every wave crawled through our boat, over 100 km, too many to count!
but it still was rowing and it was fun! the sun screen was absolutely waterproof, otherwise i would have been washed AND burned. great temperatures [otherwise this water feast would have been something less to mention].
and after we finished i really REALLY wanted to shower to wash all the dirt of me and get dry!!! my feet looked like clown feet [or like the claws of a duck, really]. my hands were covered with blisters beneath the shrunken skin which looked like i've spent the whole day in the bath.

long story short, we all thought this was the worst race ever..... and we really thought they would have forgotten our time: until we were called to the stage, second place in the longest rhine race!

yeah, getting up at 5, cycling through the city to the rowing club, passing some drunksters downtown and some clubbers leaving the last 2 open clubs [nero and harpune, that is; i would prefer the last one], driving from d'dorf to neuwied, picking up the rest of the crew, driving to st. goar, looking for a loo, making fun of ourselfs, rowing, rowing, getting washed, rowing, burning, wave, rowing, swearing, rowing, getting washed, rowing, drinking..... retourining at home half past 9 pm.... it was worth it [and i got a t-shirt]!

04 Mai, 2006

silent but deadly....

[over 160]
ok, it's no fun getting back from work with the best weather, a.k.a. the hottest day for this year and find out that your train back home is a) packed with people, b) transferred to a different city for some malfuncture of the direct route [dead bodies everywhere] c) therefor delayed by over 30 mins and d) even further packed with a school class of screaming girls returning from their field trip.
ok, it came all together plus this:
this dumb as f*ck woman next to me was putting their feet on the seat!!!
it's hot as hell, this train is packed by screaming girls in aisle and you bitch occupy this free seat with your feet? in sydney you get fined with 250 bucks, that's for sure and that's fair!
there were girls standing next to the seat and she didn't move her feet.... her mobile ringing, yawning, etc. but not offering this free seat to someone.
so, after 30 mins of travelling it's time for my justice.
we arrive at düsseldorf trainstation, she rise to leave her seat. no mrs, not this fast. i'm not moving my knees so there is no possible way to let her go. i stay in this position until the train stops. then i rise up, overlooking her by two head and blocking her way even more obvious.
then i let all the ppor children pass, 5 minutes, smiling and them knowing that mrs. dumbfuck is going mental behind me, trying to push me gentle.....
and then, in this hot hell of a sweated train, pushed by her, i farted......

marathon, anyone?

for all those sissies outhere who were running the 42,5 km on sunday in düsseldorf, i'm doing 100 km in a rowingboat on sat-day....

02 Mai, 2006

projekt24 liederraten

like a childrens birthdayparty

and yep, that's me in the background in my favorite position of that evening: holding a bottle of beer and sipping from it everytime the camera hit me!

habe ich was verpasst?

zitat: also es war so ein konzert mit happening, so typisch düsseldorfer style....

also, ich hätte jetzt gerne postkarten mit diesem typischen düsseldorfer motiv drauf!

WOW!!!that was nice

a mocie about 500 years of turkish - german history, great, nice, clever, interesting, funny! more from eren önsöz, please! and watch it when the movie comes to your town!

26 April, 2006

weekend pleasure

[over 160]

at one moment you find out that all those words about the class menace were true: he is compensating something.

late but finally i can proof this in one special case!
last sat-day i've been to a moving party where some well known primate skull appeared to me. he was battling on a microphone of a karaoke machine. promoting himself like hell, jumping up and down to some old tunes and sounding more like a fun fair announcer than a singer.

this misschief was a classmate of mine, untill he dropped out in 8th grade.
from then on nothing was heard from him. no trace on the internet, nothing from an employer from his sports club or an university.
and 13 years later you find out that he didn't develop AT ALL! nothing, no changes....
he somehow has been working as a soldier and now is looking for a job.
even my dad could remember his name and my mum was astouned that i didn't yell at him what i allways wanted to tell him... no nothing, in comparison to him i went to a humanistic high school! ifelt so much better within a second, surprisingly but true.
life is good, sometimes

[any connections to 'fettes brot' are just by coincidence, 'mike, du weisst schon!']


let THEM begin!

lethal b vs wiley [via grimetime]

22 April, 2006

spring feelings anyone?

why i don't wear tighty whities?
because i love music with some balls....
[ok stupid male comment, butit#s spring finally and i've been riding my bike for in shorts and rowing in my new zootie for the first time this year!]

more p24 stuff

17 April, 2006

Fun in Sydney

with a decent tan, a cold bottle of Tooheys new and wierd sounds from the telly [Australian Idol 2003]

those were the days

when enbeecee giga was fun [and still was on air]:
projekt 24 teaser

10 April, 2006

bad day - good ending though

mondays aren't my worst day in generally.
but nowadays mondays are my days with the longest working hours and most appointments.
today it was crowned by a delay on my way back home for about an hour. i left home at 6:45 am and got back 8pm sharp!

but i got a reward for my strange way home: a beautiful impression of a wierd evening sky with some ugle backgrounds!

07 April, 2006

light vs. dark blue

i missed the boatrace, so here's the coverage:
oxford vs. cambridge

on the .... older ... trip!

blow your horns and push up your lighters....

congo natty - champion dj
dillinja/capone - tudor rose
bass selective - blowout pt. II [yeah, wicked]
808 state - pacific [grooverider mix]
45 rollers - wolf
bassface sascha - perfect day [summer!!!]
danny breaks AK1200 - pronstar style

31 März, 2006

pack it in!

us hiphop?
here´s some uk grime!
roll deep - when i´m 'ere

hello - goodbye

[nbc] giga,
one brave media format, done!
was a really nice time, nuff said.

24 März, 2006

no, i can´t

resist it:
bad movie title leads to even worse porn flick title.
my suggestion is 'brokeback mountain' -> 'bareback riding mountain'
[no offense meant, please!]

the worst about

self tanning:
especially when in rainy germany.... sitting in a stinking tram.

want some new music for your mp3-player?

republish - byte it [tm] has some damn fine music files linked:
a roll deep crew mix tape hosted by logan sama
some berlin hiphop [i love the name 'boehse enkelz']
rootsman ragga mix....

snatch, anyone?

after simple circuit training, 2 rowers sent to hospital [one dislocated shoulder and a torn ligament] i look like i had a barenuckle fight.....

18 März, 2006

nice mix set from shut p and dance

@ lucky breaks / stuttgart
just ignore the stupid ad

just spent 105 € on a new saddle

may the lowlife who stole my saddle last sunday slip from my rotten old one and fall on a busy road!
if i´m lucky i might be the one to run him over with my bike....
it´s not for the money i spent but for the anger and the amount of time i needed to get a new one set!

life as a daddy

my friend bob finally moved his blog to a new space:
life as a daddy

[finally because you know can comment without selling your private info to microsoft for nothing ;)]

17 März, 2006

wow, that´s fast

mtv airs last years dance movie [documentary] rize
wednesday at 9:30 pm!

13 März, 2006


ghost in the shell 2

flingern! assich!

gestern abend, irgendwas zwischen 19:00-22:00h, wohngebiet.

welche blöde sau klaut mir bei minus 3 grad meinen ollen, verranzten specialised sattel samt stütze?
ich meine, das ding kriagt man nicht verkauft, ist selbst dann auch nichts wert und ich darf knappe 10 minuten stehend nach hause fahren. toll!

11 März, 2006

roll deep crew - when i´m ´ere!

Best in the game,
It was bate who was gonna be here,
(eeeee heeeee)
Roll Deep is the name,
and were up for awards all year,
(eeeee heeeee)
Wen u get a hit haters wonna end ya career,
but wen we live on stage no fear wen were ere,
back my team till the end is clear,
i swear dis'll end in tears.

for the first time

i wore a 100% synthetic tie at work, nobody noticed it.....
not a good feeling, but it was a memorabilia: a tie from the melbourne rowing club

want to learn something?

war games on the telly, right now!

08 März, 2006

abschiedszene am hbf, filmreif [alternativ übnerschrift: traurig teil II]

nach zugfahrt, ort hauptbahnhof vor den zugängen zur ubahn.

er: hat mich sehr gefreut, dich kennenzulernen.
sie: mich auch; ich glaube, die chancen, dass wir uns als gegenseite vor gericht sehen ist fast gleich null....

sie entschwindet ohne einen blick in richtung ubahn

04 März, 2006

testing YouTube

rowing content, shot in 2004/5

look how far we got, part II

the smithsomnian museum [washington, biggest cultural institute of the usa] brings up 2 mill us$ for a new project:
"hip-hop won´t stop: the beat, the rhymes, the life"
[i really love the feuilleton of the sueddeutsche zeitung]

02 März, 2006

nice talking for a judge!

"he was able to push his case foreward to the supreme court but then he came in second!"

seminar @ bergisch gladbach-bensberg

meeting mr. saligmann at köln deutz and at the bus station to the congress building a comrade from university of bielefeld. with whom i spent the whole seminar because she was the only talking person at this event!

26 Februar, 2006

electronic lifeaspects

by the way, de:bug released the 100. issue!
with a nice dictinoary and smooth cd....
[and their anthology of all issues, i can remeber sending them my congrats for the 1st issue from andreas.nicofedermann@post.hrz.uni-bielefeld.de]

25 Februar, 2006


geworfen von maciej

1. ein lied aus deiner frühesten kindheit
simon & garfunkel: the boxer; sämtliche frühmuskalische erziehung war perdu, mein rotes xylophon übte weniger anziehung als die dazugehörige rote kunststofftasche aus [der bagger war mein wiedererknnungsaufkleber darauf]. aber morgens ziemlich oft in der küche simon & garfunkel auf wdr2

2. ein lied, das du mit deiner ersten großen liebe assoziierst
peter sarstedt - where do you go to [my lovely]

3. ein lied, das dich an einen urlaub erinnert
barcelona 1992, olympische spiele und dazu auf dem basketball platz in der abendsonne john lennon - instant karma
[instant karma's gonna get you...well we all shine on...like the moon...and the stars...and the sun... aus der nike ad, damals]

4. ein lied, von dem du in der öffentlichkeit nicht so gerne zugeben möchtest, dass du es eigentlich ganz gerne magst
peinlich aber wahr, der goleo song
noch peinlicher, aber auch wahr: teddybaer null vier von johnny hill, ja dem truck stop sprechgesangmeister, und mir wurde darauf schon mal eine heirat nahegelegt]

5. ein lied, das dich – geplagt von liebeskummer – begleitet hat

doc scott - shadow boxing

6. ein lied, das du in deinem leben vermutlich am häufigsten gehört hast
irgendwas von den beastie boys, die license to ill war eigentlich im dauerbetrieb in meinem walkman

7. ein lied, das dein liebstes instrumental ist

photek - ni ten ichi ryu

8. ein lied, das eine deiner liebsten bands repräsentiert

public enemy - don´t believe the hype!!!

9. ein lied, in dem du dich selbst wiederfindest oder in dem du dich auf eine gewisse art und weise verstanden fühlst
teenage kicks von den undertones, danke an john peel und danke an jackass

10. ein lied, das dich an eine spezielle begebenheit erinnert (& welche das ist)
erster tag bei der dfa im düsseldorfer hafen, aus irgendeinem radio auf dieser [chef-]etage dringt bran van 3000 - astouned.
das mit dem ersten und einzigen offiziellem curtis mayfield sample, wie mir der wdr musikredakteur erklärt hat.
wann immer dieses lied läuft weiss ich, es kann nur gut gehen!

11. ein lied, bei dem du am besten entspannen kannst
pachelbel - kanon [in allen seinen variationen, am besten in der bahn, wenn man die menschheit mal wieder satt hat, dann zeigt einem dieses lied doch, dass es was gibt...]

12. ein lied, das für eine richtig gute zeit in deinem leben steht
hmmm, genrespezifisch hier mal einfach einen jump-up, tech-step, jungle, roller, peak-hour-track:
makai - beneath the mask

13. ein lied, das momentan dein lieblingssong ist
qualifide - bad man oder roll deep - get set

14. ein lied, das du deinem besten freund widmen würdest
wem auch immer, alle die sich angesprochen fühlen: ja, genau du!
[weil gerade wieder karneval ist: die ärzte - teenager liebe]
beastie boys - root down

15. ein lied, bei dem du das gefühl hast, dass es außer dir niemand gerne hört
goldie lookin´ chain - your mother´s got a penis

16. ein lied, das du vor allem aufgrund seiner lyrics magst
fischmob - bonanzarad

17. ein lied, das weder deutsch- noch englischsprachig ist und dir sehr gefällt
isolee - beau mot plage

18. ein lied, bei dem du dich bestens abreagieren kannst

ergo-ballern oder hanterkeller mucke: angry samoans von dem booya tribe

19. ein lied, das auf deiner beerdigung gespielt werden sollte

lou reed - perfect day [and i´m glad i spent it with you!]

20. ein lied, das du zu den besten aller zeiten rechnen würdest

louis armstrong - what a wonderful world

ich werfs mal weiter an:
den schwarzwaldelchen vom badischen generalkonsulat
madamme franziskript
und pru piper

19 Februar, 2006

worlds best auto tv program

bbc world´s 'top gear'

testing volvo vs. audi q7 in a biathlon:
driving and shooting [second shooting laying down in the car means dropping the rear seats]
firing with a heckler and koch mp5 machine pistol and missing the lot of the targets!

08 Februar, 2006

worte ohne bedeutung

nach terror-experte [qualifiziert wodurch?]
jetzt promi-mutter [s.o.]

the original prankster

when ever i see him i laugh, i see him nearly every day.
today i had to laugh really badly, he forgot his umbrella!
sometimes i love wuppertal and it´s rainy weather....

07 Februar, 2006


there are thousands of movies that deal with the problem that the protagonist is left by his / her partner.
something outstanding for me would be a movie about the main character leaving his love.... sounds interesting

03 Februar, 2006

something completely different


come and visit:

why i got this job, probably....

at the wu'tal train station, a young student close to tears:
i need to check in at the duesseldorf airport at 2:15pm for my flight to switzerland and this is the fastest connection i got from the information guy [regional express to d'dorf central station, arrives 1:40pm and then take the s-bahn to d'dorf airport, departing at 1:50pm arrives at 2:18pm]

me: there is a faster connection, direct from d'dorf central station to the airport with the regional express direction to minden and this one usually leaves at ten minutes to 2 pm. it only needs about 10 mins to get to the airport. there should be plenty time to check in.

she sits nervous in the train, no one cares. she looks at me again and asks: this trains leaves from what platform?
it was something like platform 11 or 12, back when i was studying [sic!] but things could have changed. no worries, it will be allright....

we arrive at 1:40pm at duesseldorf central station. i direct her to the time table, and guess what, i was absolutely right! regional express to minden, departing 1:55pm, arrives duesseldorf air port 1:58pm!!! ok, they changed the platfrom, it was now #9....
but another happy customer! and it was so easy


nice sueddeutsche zeitung - feuilleton:
my last sony!

01 Februar, 2006


betriebswagen hatte für mich immer eine bedeutung wie firmenwagen.
nicht so in wuppertal, dort bedeutes es einsatzwagen der verkehrsbetriebe

29 Januar, 2006

late but .... still ok!

mtv germany comes up with a new commercial break...
so far nothing new, but they use dizzie rascals 'stand up tall' as music!


the water in the harbour is frozen, no rowing.
but on my ride home i see a jogger in shorts.....

28 Januar, 2006

humanity in düsseldorf [over 160]

i posted something about an homless man some time ago.
now i found out he´s dead. really sad, he seemed to be a nice guy.

but what really astouned me was the fact that there were 15 candles burning at his old place and some condolence writings attched to the wall! he was well known and more than accepted.
a lot of people wished him all the best as he could live his life the way he wanted to until the last moment.....

stick to the locals - goin´international!

waikiki turf revival in essen - pres: the wideboys!
garage at it´s best.

THE WIDEBOYS [Garage Jams, London]

supported by the local Mad-Master Kru:
GIANT STEPZ [ukgarage.de, Waikiki turf]
Dynamike [Smash&Grab, Waikiki Turf]

Freitag, 24.02.2006
Capri Bar, Essen

23 Januar, 2006

going back

funny, my last concerts [the better ones] were all with some bands i allready knew in my childhood days:
public enemy
beastie boys
and now depeche mode

.... still to come: simon & garfunkel at loreley ;)

money, fame, power

hehe, everbody loves scooter or especially their frontman h.p. baxxter.
now this guy is going to sell some of his items via ebay..... hehehe

21 Januar, 2006

rowing content

mass rowing content, i recieved some really nice pictures from the tour du lac, water view!

20 Januar, 2006

all back to mine

first cd i bought in a while....
carl cox - back to mine
[interesting what the three deck wizzard drops as his 'personal collection for after hours grooving']

friday night..

havin´ a real good time after watching spongebob at eight pm and some ironing I am now listening to some broadcast at the university radio station from the best club in düsseldorf, harpune!

10 Januar, 2006

support your idols

finally UR recieves some notice:
juan atkins has been nominated for a grammy!

UR and here's the support link

07 Januar, 2006


more an arty commercial than a product advert, sony´s bouncing balls.
i don´t see the relation to the product but if you want to know how they filmed the balls in san fran klick here

03 Januar, 2006


besides helge schneider like stories, rudicules phrases on the streets:
wenn mike blahblah auflegt werde ich sein gesicht f*cken!
[if mike someone will be mixing i´ll f*ck his face]

02 Januar, 2006

erster arbeitstag, 02.01.06

16 beratungen, 74 € für´n monatsticket gelöhnt, in der bahn sehr schön pachelbel gehört [kollege von johann sebastian bach] und jetzt zur feier des tages auch noch 4 hemden [werden benötigt] plus ettliche taschentücher gebügelt.