21 Juni, 2008

bad news


news no 4, 5, 6 and 8 about the actual state of germany
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news of the world

1. the track mentioned below is #1 of the german charts....
2. one quarter finals of the euro 2006 turkey vs. germany....
3. open suse 11 up and running!

[news in no specific order]

18 Juni, 2008

grower part II

here's a remix of shaggy feat trix and flix [yepp, the eu tournament song] done with the catchy sample of samim's heater:

heatwave comments on the colaboration:
"In fact, when you follow the global trail of samples, remixes and versions that Feel The Rush leaves in its wake, it may be a canny move by UEFA to give the song (and the tournament) as broad an appeal as possible. So we end up with a Caribbean version by a mainstream American star of a Berlin-based producer's smash club hit which sampled a South American folk song and was remixed by a San Francisco house/techno DJ."

16 Juni, 2008


just updated the blogroll, may i introduce you to lars:
MBA Master-Thesis Weblog


found these around the streets of duesseldorf and thought they should be mentioned ;)

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15 Juni, 2008

stupid [movie-]companies

one night after i watched [rec] i find out that although it's already been released on blue ray [first spanish movie ever] it won't be released in the us...... because sony already has filmed an american remake, which totally looked the same. the building [rental house in barcelona switched to l.a.?], the reporter even wears the same clothes.....

so, blame it on the internet: go and watch the real deal!
or compare for yourself:

and the original trailer for the uk:

oh, you gonna see it again: