31 August, 2005

das kann doch bitte nicht wahr sein....

das sirenen-geräusch der deutschen polizei soll modernisiert werden da us-fernsehserien einen SOOO grossen einfluss auf das verhalten deutscher autofahrer haben soll. link

30 August, 2005

to all nerds [read open minded ppl]

open office 2.0 beta has been released. up and running, looks good. pdf-export has been improved!

29 August, 2005

dumb thieves and cool revenge

My cell phone got stolen some time last week.... i just noticed it missing the other day and called up and had it turned off.... well im sitting around today tooling around on the computer and decided to go on my picture mail and see if pics have been sent.... whenever u send a pic to an email address it automatically saves a copy on my sprint website and records the email address..... so guess what i find....

28 August, 2005

you have to agree

in most cases.....
the top 50 underappreciated recent films

pwc part II

i figured out that price waterhouse cooper actually does have an office in hamburg. but as it seems that this one wasn´t invided we might have caused some more confusion while pretending to be from hamburg.