30 Juni, 2007

daft punk @ düsseldorf

some pics from the concert [thanks to andih]

interestingly the pre concert tour dj dropped this last tunes right before the show started:
run dmc - peter piper
malcolm mc laren - buffalo girls
africa bambataa - planet rock


the light show from the daft punk concert yesterday was just GREAT, got better from song to song, new elements, just crazy. loved it:

29 Juni, 2007

childhood dreams

or more adolescent dreams:
daft punk tonight live [for the first time in germany]
three and a half hour to go

26 Juni, 2007


DJ Luca in the mix for 15 minutes. Take note: this is how the big boys do it.

click the link to listen and seee

via: slick n fresh garage news

i want to have one of those....

seen in amsterdam:
2 x technics 1210
1 x battle-mixer
all together in a one-piece with a piano like finish....