04 März, 2006

testing YouTube

rowing content, shot in 2004/5

look how far we got, part II

the smithsomnian museum [washington, biggest cultural institute of the usa] brings up 2 mill us$ for a new project:
"hip-hop won´t stop: the beat, the rhymes, the life"
[i really love the feuilleton of the sueddeutsche zeitung]

02 März, 2006

nice talking for a judge!

"he was able to push his case foreward to the supreme court but then he came in second!"

seminar @ bergisch gladbach-bensberg

meeting mr. saligmann at köln deutz and at the bus station to the congress building a comrade from university of bielefeld. with whom i spent the whole seminar because she was the only talking person at this event!

26 Februar, 2006

electronic lifeaspects

by the way, de:bug released the 100. issue!
with a nice dictinoary and smooth cd....
[and their anthology of all issues, i can remeber sending them my congrats for the 1st issue from andreas.nicofedermann@post.hrz.uni-bielefeld.de]