16 Februar, 2009


aussie tv throwing their productions away, great! as i listen to the merrick and rosso [and kate ritchie] podcast nearly every day i noticed a damn fine tv-series about aussie crime in the 80ies 'underbelly a tale of the two cities'[correct me if i'm wrong, please bob!] as one of the radio announcers [kate ritchie that is] plays a minor role in it. so once the usual torrent/ rapidshare sites announced the second episode someone posted a link to the original channel nine homepage as it offers the whole first episode in great quality [avi, 1,39gb] for free.

i'm glad i do not have to wait for lame german tv-stations to get hold of this gem.

p.s.: i'm quite bemused as to my opinion the pictures shows the sydney skyline and the series takes place in melbourne [bob, might you help me?]

have you ever...

guided a blind man by hand?

you should do so, it's very interesting. especially astonishing to me was how fast he walks once he has put his elbow into my hand and how concerned his directing reaction were to the slightest change in my walking.