10 November, 2007

australian beer ad

vomit bombs, but great ad:

[vie lifeasadaddy :D thanks to your friend!]

the first time this year

a few minutes ago i heard for the first time this year wham's last christmas [in a commercial for mobile ringtones]

some memories

of barcelona [while there is a mixture of snow and rain coming down outside]

after some really impressive human castels the teams celebrate by carrying the small ones like horses.

04 November, 2007

for a new asterix movie

did some rowing on my erg today while watching the quater final france v new zealand from the rugby world cup.....
sebastian chabal of the french equipe could be picked for the next real live motion picture of the asterix comic strips. and yes, he is a gaul!

pic bbc

pretty in pink?

why do they show the best and most interesting movies on sunday morning?

this time:
the breakfast club
[after jaques tati's "Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot" and "the royal tenenbaums"]