18 Juli, 2008

kölner stadtachter 2008

diesmal hätten wir vielleicht ne chance gehabt [nicht letzter zu werden, vielleicht auch nicht vorletzter.....]

hooligan disco

[via: nomoresleep [formely known as republish]

sticker with meaning

DSC00020not just the typical "i'm too lazy/shy to write my tag on the wall so i use stickers" design. a cctv-camera covered by flowers. nice! would like to see more of these.

[location: wuppertal]

podcasts to remember:

the shop mentioned below offers weekly podcasts for new tunes [i for sure listen to the drum and bass genrecast]. there's also a genrecast for 'burners'

why.... stupid?

I tried to buy "andrea doria - bucci bag" at my favorite online music store, beatport that is, and didn't get the tune because of some stupid u.s. american market regulations. I would have spent 2,49 € on that track.
now I can get it on iTunes for 99 cents [or 4 bottle caps frome coke...].
shame on someone for this, mayor deal, mayor record lable etc

more stickers, wuppertal

latest sticker at wuppertal main station
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