28 Dezember, 2007

season greetings

i´ve got a day off at the office, time to clean up everything and set up the moving to the new flat.....
meanwhile, from the dusty/not so snowy, dtown harbour:
the traditional christmas eve morning rowing

17 Dezember, 2007

some more videos

daft punk live - one more time / aerodynamic


clark - ted

itchy, the beauty and the beast
[and warp is still a very good lable]

the wrong trousers - video killed the radio star


05 Dezember, 2007

action speaks louder than words

[title by jimmy cliff]

universal impressions with supportive music. make up your own mind about that matter!

30 November, 2007

finally mtv comes up with a smart idea

South Park will be available online for free:
MTV Networks plans to make every clip from every episode of hit animated comedy “South Park” available for free online next year as part of a strategy to reach consumers everywhere.

more at: releaselog.net

20 November, 2007

sounds of the month

samin - heater

heard at the harpune closing party, bought the track at beatport.com

16 November, 2007

in search of...

some old [not too oldschool] hiphop:

german hiphop group 'die fantastischen vier'
has put most of their videos as legal download on their website.
they have alsways been upfront to new media and new releasing methods, nice.

and you might wanna see/hear some of the tunes:
mongo clikke [not a group but colaboration of some of the most important hamburg hiphop artists] - k2

some young mc:

und nun bin ich draussen wie'n blinddarm!

10 November, 2007

australian beer ad

vomit bombs, but great ad:

[vie lifeasadaddy :D thanks to your friend!]

the first time this year

a few minutes ago i heard for the first time this year wham's last christmas [in a commercial for mobile ringtones]

some memories

of barcelona [while there is a mixture of snow and rain coming down outside]

after some really impressive human castels the teams celebrate by carrying the small ones like horses.

04 November, 2007

for a new asterix movie

did some rowing on my erg today while watching the quater final france v new zealand from the rugby world cup.....
sebastian chabal of the french equipe could be picked for the next real live motion picture of the asterix comic strips. and yes, he is a gaul!

pic bbc

pretty in pink?

why do they show the best and most interesting movies on sunday morning?

this time:
the breakfast club
[after jaques tati's "Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot" and "the royal tenenbaums"]

01 November, 2007


job offer printed in germanys law report:

1250€ brutto? plus you have to wipe the old boss' arse?
they are loocking for a gerontic nurse with knowledge in law and offer just 1000 bucks in the pocket for this poor person..... ts, shame on you!

here's the text of this great offer [in case they remove the picture]:
Stellenangebot NJW vom 05.11.2007 (Heft 45)


Anwaltskanzlei Kübler & Kübler

Renommierte Bensheimer Anwaltskanzlei, zur Zeit zwei Anwälte, zwei Angestellte und eine freie Mitarbeiterin, sucht zwei Rechtsanwälte/Rechtsanwältinnen zur Fortsetzung und zum Ausbau der Kanzlei. Geboten wird zunächst ein Ein-Jahres-Vertrag, monatliches Brutto EUR 1.250,00. Es wird Unterstützung nicht nur in juristischen Fragen, sondern auch für persönliche Hilfestellungen des Senior-Chefs bei Berufs- und Krankenfahrten erwartet. Die Orientierung der Kanzlei liegt unter anderem im Bereich internationaler politischer und wirtschaftlicher Ausrichtung im asiatischen Bereich.

Bitte rufen Sie uns unter der Nr. 06251/XXXXXX an. Wir sind zu einem persönlichen Gespräch bereit

typical for halloween?

i got up and found out by reading the tv-program on the loo that vox was showing the royal tenenbaums from 6:20 am..... another reason to have a telly in the bedroom.
GREAT movie! great music for the morning after halloween, cold, misty....

19 Oktober, 2007

it's a good day

a) my erg arrived [that's really fast since i ordered it on tuesday]
b) we signed our contract for the new flat!

17 Oktober, 2007

more erg videos

all with the same theme:
devotion to a dreadfull mashine

beach body 2009

after the devestating effect of yesterdays first circuit training and last weeks wheights training i actually finished a lontime thought and ordered me a concept 2 rowing erg.....

that's what it looks like and no, that's not me, but yes, it's in sydney, and yes; it's meant for indoor use ;)

09 Oktober, 2007

the beauty wihtin

why should i buy ski from gucci?
or why should someone buy coffey for more then 3 € when you can have a great cortado around the corner for just 1,20 €?
is there really need for a style-company to sweep the market with "sport glasses"?
why choose a poloshirt from the so called "designer" tommy hilfiger [he himself pronounced this title and picked the option for very unnatural looking teeth] when there a shorts from [for example] lacoste or fred perry, which have have prooven their style over decades?
why watch football/soccer when there is the rugby worldcup? [zero response in germany]
why listen to madonna when the "originators" as liam howlet from the prodigy refused to work with her / for her new album [his great words were " i could directly sell my soul to the devil"] or from jaques lu cont?

if anyone can answer one of these, besides the last question of course, drop a comment.

08 Oktober, 2007

05 Oktober, 2007

more rugby

something for the weekend

as i will be participating in the river rhine marathon, the rugby worldcup in france sports some great games.
here is what it looked like in 2003 in oz ;)
impressive, not to mess with:

by the way, the landlord agreed so that i might move in a couple of months

04 Oktober, 2007

more music

the great resource for some interesting music, weareie has found a great mix of some of the bigges tdancehall anthems that all appeared in some jungle tunes. go trainspotters, hush hush, name all the jungle tunes you can for each sample....
otherwise download the bloggariddims mixes. realy fun listening to..... best one for me ist the 'england story' with some hiphop/dNb/dubstep/grime all london based..

too bad

according to my last post here comes the news:
my future landlord tells the he is not renting the preffered flat to me because "he does not rent to lawyers".
i never experienced discrimination myself but this one is werth a law suit! just to piss of this guy and to tell him, when you`re going to be against a lawyer..... never tell him directly!

19 September, 2007

big thougths

i'm the best prostitute money can buy..... i'm lawyer...

the big K

could somebody please explain why fruit mueslie from the BIG cereal company with the big k has more calories than choclate mueslie?

12 September, 2007


lawyer v. gravenreuth has been found guilty for fraud!
he plaided not guilty for strange reasons:
chaos at his own office
and leck of knowledge of the laws

[sidenote: gravenreuth is infamous for his "rude" behaviour against internetusers for several reasons]

31 August, 2007

italian genius

roberto saviano's dad:
what's a man with an university diploma without a gun?
an asshole with an university diploma!
what's a man with a gun without an university diploma?
an asshole with a gun!
what's a man with an university diploma and a gun?
a man!

[quotation: roberto saviano - gomorrha]

26 August, 2007

we need more cowbells!

fun... tonight 70 minutes of disco and 'saturday night fever' on arte.tv
here's the beastie boys version:


want to know what summer in ny might sound like?
masters at work [kenny 'dope' gonzales and little luis vega] with india - WORK

can be bought at beatport, but remember to check the 2002 original not the 2007 mix, my advise...

19 August, 2007

did i mention?

beatport.com is the first [and only] download-portal for music that works for me. offers reliable quality 320kbs mp3 oder m4a [ipod that is], a slick and functional interface, speed and most important: all the tracks you might have been looking for.
and it offers a good price policy [around 1,49€/1,99€ per track]: 20% goes directly to the artist

in example:
-underground resistance [UR chicago] 'nights of the jaguar' [never been released on cd, i have my vinyl but wanted to support the artists for their great song]
-heartthrob's newbe 'are u gay'
-qualifde! 'badman'

harpune closed

the best club in d'town is now closed [as well as unique, ego and so on] can't wait for the re-opening [and i really feel sorry that they have to leave the harbour; the rest is just rubbish there]
for you to know what an evening in the club looked like:
good music, booming soundsystem, nice people

the first song is a heartthrob remix of newbe 'are u gay'
downloadable at beatport.com

05 August, 2007

and it's there

the opening gag of the simpson's movie:

27 Juli, 2007

15 Juli, 2007

you might want to know

what my last saturday looked like:

Kölner Stadtachter

siebter der herzen!

cox mit vorbereitungen, rauchen; einteileranprobe

mannschaft vorher....

mannschaft nachher!

verladen nach dem rennen

olympiasieger beim schrubben


verladen bei scheinwerferlicht

wolf auf dem podest


benno, frank, ines, simon, cox, stefan

no bigblades?


13 Juli, 2007


never, never.... NEVER, absolutely never try fishsauce on its own!
you might need 2 liter of beverages to get rid of the taste.....
[i might try petroleum now, listerine?]

the beauty

[from left to right: simon fast, stephan nolden, ivan fast, sven "würmchen/cox" breidenbach, frank mager, wolf strauß, behind ansgar wessling; missing: bernhard spanke and me]

and the rest of the crew:

[you can also mix the titles of the pictures, as they were origianlly inteded]

no, it`s not

it's not the 90 minutes of rowing training but the 45 min per trip on the pushbike to the training that really gives you the rest!

10 Juli, 2007

summer 2007

no comparison to the world mastership summer 2006 [football] but some nice settings:

Not the best

training conditions:

broken oar from stadtacher training:

and our boat:

30 Juni, 2007

daft punk @ düsseldorf

some pics from the concert [thanks to andih]

interestingly the pre concert tour dj dropped this last tunes right before the show started:
run dmc - peter piper
malcolm mc laren - buffalo girls
africa bambataa - planet rock


the light show from the daft punk concert yesterday was just GREAT, got better from song to song, new elements, just crazy. loved it:

29 Juni, 2007

childhood dreams

or more adolescent dreams:
daft punk tonight live [for the first time in germany]
three and a half hour to go

26 Juni, 2007


DJ Luca in the mix for 15 minutes. Take note: this is how the big boys do it.

click the link to listen and seee

via: slick n fresh garage news

i want to have one of those....

seen in amsterdam:
2 x technics 1210
1 x battle-mixer
all together in a one-piece with a piano like finish....

13 Juni, 2007


why is it the australian dollar and not the australian pound?

11 Juni, 2007

how bad can it be?

your title is hotel heiress while you did inherit nothing, your parents are still alive.
and then you look like you're at least a hundred years old...

10 Juni, 2007

it looks like

i might participate in one of the coolest regattas in germany: the cologne stadtachter together with city lights in cologne a really nice surrounding. 800.000 viewers at the river rhine, tv-stations reporting live and even a police escorte....
and remember: rowing is fun!

03 Juni, 2007

wierd spam?

gmail doesn't filter all the spam, but this one???

"Tried to visit with browser, that, does not! Wmi provider required want users documents their existing profiles."

25 Mai, 2007

16 Mai, 2007


anyone? this is it...

go chantin' go ravin'

next one
older but more explanative.... bbc collective

10 Mai, 2007

thought it might sound cool

the fastest lawyer on the river rhine.

jupp, that's me right now, but only for non-propelled boats
or in other words: we've won the eurega rowing marathon

02 Mai, 2007


summer is here.....
skream - dutch lowers

only a taste of the full track, buy more dubstep!

20 April, 2007

ever benn threatened by...

a guy with a fishing rod at the river rhine?

four comments from 4 guys in a rowing boat:
#1: this is a boat route not an aquarium!
#2: did you ever caught a fish in here?
#3: did you ever ate a fish from here?
#4: you don't really want us to leave our boat, do you?

12 April, 2007

great piece of technology

thin liquid film is an application from the makers of liquid weather [superkaramba plugin for linux desktops, showing the actual weather plus forecasts, plus webcams plus plus plus] that will encode whatever you want to an video-ipod compatible format.... and it supports the transfer to that ipod.
i would call this an extra!

11 April, 2007

just for the music

you don't have to believe me, but hackers is just worth watching because of the soundtrack....

07 April, 2007

boatrace 2007

may start in a few minutes... though no [and i say NO, not one, nada, zipp, zero] station in germany is broadcasting this event live! christ!
there is a london based radio station with a live audio-stream....

27 März, 2007

a new impression

but everyone knows what's it all about.... pulp fiction:

more aphex twin....

on [with a really heavy bass starting at 1'15"]

so... urm 90ies

happy song, but great yet disturbing video....

aphex twin - donkey rhubarb

16 März, 2007

ich werfe einen balken

lustige orgasmus ausrufe, international:
danke bild für diesen investigationsjournalismus

14 März, 2007

ein aushängeschild weniger [german]

thyssen krupp trennt sich von einem der wahrzeichen düsseldorfs:
dem dreischeibenhaus.
kann passieren, aber die aussage des ob erwin sollte nicht unkommentiert bleiben.
dieser verglich thyssen krupp mit einer pommesbude.....

[for the english:]
the mayor of düsseldorf compared thyssen krupp to a fish and chips take away.....

12 März, 2007


just read about it: pro 7 is airing 10 episodes of the simpsons, not in one but only in two pieces ;)
my enlightment of a monday evening: 13th of march, 8pm...
continue here to vote for your favorite episode

10 März, 2007

what was that?

best comment ever: what's that for a music?
asked me a girl new years eve while dropping lenny kravitz' are you gonna go my way'
she was sporting a black muscle-shirt with sparkling letters forming the word:
R - O - C - K

22 Februar, 2007

love it [three times]

sydney, cool video shot at harbour bridge

some pics from the street carnival

after 2 weeks..

of holidays.... i might be a caffeine-addict. has to end NOW! otherwise i might not stand working very long.

02 Februar, 2007

this morning

i loved the foggy/misty and wet scenery.
and it was only 5 hours till my holidays.
off for skiing now!

26 Januar, 2007

roll deep entourage

all new album, all GRIME!!! no r&b like the first one, in at the deep end.
though 'shake a leg' and 'when i'm ere' were really great, i'm eager to get my hands on the new one!
[the roll deep website doesn't feature it, kind of lame dating 2005]

10 Januar, 2007

.l..and i'm coming up strong

last year i head more than 1900 [in word one thousand ninehundred] appointments!!!
more then 600 then the lawyer who had my job before....
this number results of 3 days a week with only 4 hours of appointments.
the other clients in the afternoon were NOT included.....

09 Januar, 2007

no mistake this time but good recognition

last morning a girl aksed me in the train, whether i studied at the university of bielefeld.
yes, i did....
and whether i was haning out with a simmilar looking guy?
then you were the two we used to called the siamese twins...
oh, am i talking too much?
no, but i left bielefeld in 2001.... strange, i never noticed i left such an impression on people.

i want one of those

i told you that my mobile is broke, here comes the alternative.... but do i have to travel to the us to get one of these?

pic from apple.com

02 Januar, 2007

some rowing pics....

from the rhine marathon 2006 [and we had some struggle with the weather and water level, quite obvious]

christmas has gone... here's 2007

some photos of christmas 2005 at sydney [thanks to north sydney rowing club]