22 Oktober, 2005

times have changed

i used to hate madonna, found her music is annoying;
now i think she is just negligible.


wunderbar, es regnet, ich stehe mit dem hund in der nähe des radweges und werde penetrant angeklingelt! von einer trulla, die entgegen der fahrtrichtung den radweg benutzt, kopfhörer trägt und dann noch frech wird als ich sie in den gewohnt dezenten worten darauf aufmerksam mache, dass sie doch deutlich genug platz hat und das obwohl sie sich gegen die verkehrsregeln verhalte.

so ist das also, apes killing apes, cyclists punching cyclists!

21 Oktober, 2005

second hand words

to use somebody else´s words, jules said:
so this is what fall could also be like!

[meaning: no sun but some cold rain]

20 Oktober, 2005

good news

while on the jobhunt there´s sometimes a nice attitude:
no, we only wear a tie in our office if there´s someone important coming. all the other clients have been to suit and tie advisers and now they´re bankrupt. that´s why they´re coming to us, we are craftsmen!

19 Oktober, 2005


trying to cook?
here´s a good recipe, hot chilli sauce, as i have a chilli plant sitting in my kitchen window!


ok, they´re one of my oldest fav´s: PUBLIC ENEMY!
and they even recorded a song one day before an angry kanye west spoke next to mike 'austin 'danger' powers' meyers about the aftermath of hurricane katrina...
AND they played to keep the CBGBs alive!
from enemy to helping hand! [more than 160]

18 Oktober, 2005

thanks the north face

great invention 'monkey thumbs' a.k.a. 'Thumbhole extensions at cuffs'! really great but looks kind of sutpid regarded from a more stylish point of view, but still it´s great sports wear!

17 Oktober, 2005


if you look close enough you might notice that in the video of 'the streets - i think you are really fit' they are drinking diebels beer.

last marathon content

45 km of liegé, the hardest of the last three rowing events. liegé is the bronx of belgium, ugly as hell and the barbeque of the rowing club is performed on old garbage bins and paint buckets.

16 Oktober, 2005

soap on a rope

'cause the beats and the lies are so dope!
no, it´s just 'keili, die seife die in jeden winkel kommt'

life´s good

when you come home after you got up at 7am, went to liegé, had a row for 45km in 3hours 23 mins, got home at 9:45pm and went out at 10:05pm till 3 am and can watch REN & STIPMY at nick!