05 Oktober, 2007

more rugby

something for the weekend

as i will be participating in the river rhine marathon, the rugby worldcup in france sports some great games.
here is what it looked like in 2003 in oz ;)
impressive, not to mess with:

by the way, the landlord agreed so that i might move in a couple of months

04 Oktober, 2007

more music

the great resource for some interesting music, weareie has found a great mix of some of the bigges tdancehall anthems that all appeared in some jungle tunes. go trainspotters, hush hush, name all the jungle tunes you can for each sample....
otherwise download the bloggariddims mixes. realy fun listening to..... best one for me ist the 'england story' with some hiphop/dNb/dubstep/grime all london based..

too bad

according to my last post here comes the news:
my future landlord tells the he is not renting the preffered flat to me because "he does not rent to lawyers".
i never experienced discrimination myself but this one is werth a law suit! just to piss of this guy and to tell him, when you`re going to be against a lawyer..... never tell him directly!