07 Oktober, 2005

oldschool - retro!

i´m oldschool and i love rowing [as well as OZ], which leads to

06 Oktober, 2005

nerd content II

suse linux 10.0 for download, please use torrent

feels great!

you notice the difference if they play rio reiser - könig von deutschland directly after xavier naido at mtv noise!
but why xaver at noise, only because he sings in german as well???

i never do....

marketresearch for my own person, but right now i switched over to congster as internet service provider. [i know, nerd content]

04 Oktober, 2005

song of the moment

as bad as it sounds:
peter sarsarstedt - where do you go to [my lovely]



sorry, no link for this recordlabel.... though i am the shitmagnet!

03 Oktober, 2005

now this is...

some music with balls in it:

pendulum [australia / breakbeat kaos] - slam

why is it that the uk charts are always much better?