04 November, 2006

new outfit

since our new costumes for carnival next years has been layed out, here's something it could have been....

stay tuned

smart clients

one really really challenged client who could affort the mental strenght of calling me at work asked me:
did you write the landlord's letter?

02 November, 2006

now that's what i call a feature

unplug your earphones from your ipod [nano] and it switches off to pause mode.....

29 Oktober, 2006

here it is

from my personal vault:
niels ruf doing some dodgy commercial for a detergent, and please remember:
IT'S NOT HIS OWN VOICE, for no matter why...


he's back:
niels ruf [comedy] at sat1, coming this fall/winter.....
what ever you think of him.
i still have a shamefull comercial for a detergent on my hd with him, a numb smiling and his voice being overdubbed...... waiting for youtube