29 Oktober, 2005

mambo, mambo!

ok, great stuff from the surf company mambo but even better entertainment from the one man show mambo kurt!!! [tonight in düsseldorf, coffy closing]

28 Oktober, 2005

imitate don´t innovate!

it´s time to hate madonna again.
saw the new video, boring song, ripp off video.
breakers, yamakasi, clowning & crumping.....you suck more styles than a hoover!

funny call in shows

in belgien radio.
the task for the calling guest is to get a girl on a sex hotline to say three given words.
in his case:
burkah [shador for my non islamic friends]

ode to joy [dog named willy]

exactly 14 years you were there,
you came innocent and helpless, you left the same.
but in between you were the strongest, reliable and best comrade i could think of.
never resentful always in good mood, a real character!

i can only hope you led a good dog life with us as we had a real good life with you.
cheers my hairy mate!

you will stay unforgotten

24 Oktober, 2005

next big thing?

no, not music this time.
everybody was talking about podcasts now watch this!

[grime time is doing video casts]


songs you hear at the end of the summer, think they´re great and then.....
this year: mattafix - big city life
2002: slam - life times!