26 April, 2006

weekend pleasure

[over 160]

at one moment you find out that all those words about the class menace were true: he is compensating something.

late but finally i can proof this in one special case!
last sat-day i've been to a moving party where some well known primate skull appeared to me. he was battling on a microphone of a karaoke machine. promoting himself like hell, jumping up and down to some old tunes and sounding more like a fun fair announcer than a singer.

this misschief was a classmate of mine, untill he dropped out in 8th grade.
from then on nothing was heard from him. no trace on the internet, nothing from an employer from his sports club or an university.
and 13 years later you find out that he didn't develop AT ALL! nothing, no changes....
he somehow has been working as a soldier and now is looking for a job.
even my dad could remember his name and my mum was astouned that i didn't yell at him what i allways wanted to tell him... no nothing, in comparison to him i went to a humanistic high school! ifelt so much better within a second, surprisingly but true.
life is good, sometimes

[any connections to 'fettes brot' are just by coincidence, 'mike, du weisst schon!']


let THEM begin!

lethal b vs wiley [via grimetime]