28 November, 2008

sydney as you might never have seen it before

a stop motion film by keith loutit, looks amazingly like it was all made up by modells:

low budget video clips

here is someone offering his abilities to make low budget music videos. allthough i doubt that the original would have cost much more i like the unofficial better than the original version:


at least germany`s foreign minister, frank-walter steinmeier, is able to tell us the exact name of the indian city:

"...the attacks in mumbai, the former bombay...."

27 November, 2008

to the german media:

could someone please notice that it`s MUMBAI instead of Bombay [as the old name of bombay referres to the portugese  occupation].

Astonishingly only the public service tv-station use the old name...






25 November, 2008


yesterday at the cinema [vicky christina barcelona, directed by woody allen, with scarlet johannsson, penelope cruz and javier bardem] i noticed a slight similarity between javier bardem and a friend of mine from barcelona: nacho!