26 November, 2005


there´s some truggle about borat being called to court by the prime minister of kasachstan. here is borat´s very own answer

25 November, 2005


i just love this city. when i leave the crowded christmas market behind me and enter the promenade to the river with simon&garfunkel 'the boxer' in my ears.... alone.....

grime, grime, GRIME?

you read about grime, here and here, now you want grime?
i got grime!!! rwd mag mixtape vol I, 40 grime tracks.....

23 November, 2005

csi miami

'stop, miami day police'

no, i´m just doing my nightshift.... hahaha

trennung leicht gemacht

nein, nicht mit dem trennungsabo, aber vielleicht auch so:
sonnenbank billg abzugeben

22 November, 2005

puppy content

he´s cute but has a strong will, and he will be trained with old tires and treat mills. just kidding!

21 November, 2005

spot the boat

finally found some time to scan some old pictures, fun in the city and a rowingboat

go, get some popcorn!

life gives you the best topics for some movies:
winner for the best nerd-talk at heise.de: single-börsen mit tipps für ikea-besuche
[please check the answers]
comes in second, close behind the pango thread for toilettes lovers

20 November, 2005

herne mitte!

german hiphop [no aggro rap from berlin], indian mc with german lyrics, heavy and fast:
genuin steril - erster

dean gray pres. american edit

ray cokes style: scramble this anagram!
bootleg/mashup version of green days 'american idiot'. nice, since grime has become a trend mashups are out of interest.....