10 Januar, 2007

.l..and i'm coming up strong

last year i head more than 1900 [in word one thousand ninehundred] appointments!!!
more then 600 then the lawyer who had my job before....
this number results of 3 days a week with only 4 hours of appointments.
the other clients in the afternoon were NOT included.....

09 Januar, 2007

no mistake this time but good recognition

last morning a girl aksed me in the train, whether i studied at the university of bielefeld.
yes, i did....
and whether i was haning out with a simmilar looking guy?
then you were the two we used to called the siamese twins...
oh, am i talking too much?
no, but i left bielefeld in 2001.... strange, i never noticed i left such an impression on people.

i want one of those

i told you that my mobile is broke, here comes the alternative.... but do i have to travel to the us to get one of these?

pic from apple.com