31 August, 2007

italian genius

roberto saviano's dad:
what's a man with an university diploma without a gun?
an asshole with an university diploma!
what's a man with a gun without an university diploma?
an asshole with a gun!
what's a man with an university diploma and a gun?
a man!

[quotation: roberto saviano - gomorrha]

26 August, 2007

we need more cowbells!

fun... tonight 70 minutes of disco and 'saturday night fever' on arte.tv
here's the beastie boys version:


want to know what summer in ny might sound like?
masters at work [kenny 'dope' gonzales and little luis vega] with india - WORK

can be bought at beatport, but remember to check the 2002 original not the 2007 mix, my advise...