02 Dezember, 2006

aussie history [1st ww]

my friend bob posted somy really funny comments on a photo at the autralian war memorial blog:
here's the picture to comment on

and this are his comments, i would say: tipically australian to deal with history
- Giddyup.

- Where is everybody?

- On which part of this desolate plain will I forever lay?

- I gave up Bondi for this?

- So. This is the promised land?

- Now, where will I find Hezbollah?

- They didn't tell me about this at the recruitment depot.

- Coo-ee march. I'll give them coo-ee!

- I love a sunburnt county (apologies to D. Mackellar)

- And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plain extended. (apologies to A.B. Paterson)

- I'll ride you for the first fifty miles, and you ride me for the next fifty miles.

- At least I'll be able to eat the donkey

- The donkey's refusing to move Frank, so you can take as many photos as you like.

- They call me the donkey, but you're the one who was reading the map.

29 November, 2006


i've been mistaken many times:
lover/partner of someone
policemen undercover [once in cologne]

but this one's the best so far:
chief of medicine in a hospital [and i was just visiting someone after work]