27 August, 2005

thanks price waterhouse cooper

and you don´t have an office in hamburg. but we were so kind to just take your free beer and meal. really, a great evening out, unexpected but who could imagine that we would end up at a summerparty of a law firm...

26 August, 2005

to all jogger out there

is there any advantage that you have to use the cyclepath instead of the footpath? it´s solid concrete and used by faster user, bicycles! if i might fall because of your idiotic behaviour i´ll kick you even with my broken legs!

not a rush of blood to the head...

but don´t you love it when after workout your blood rushes through your nostrils with the effect that the air you´re inhaling smells like iron....

why why why

[with kind regards to armand van helden´s 'my my my'] why does adobe producer NOT accept my docs and why does this continue after de- and again installation of office xp with word?

this may help

de.wiki about the jihad: it is NOT the 'holy war'. it connotes a wide range meanings: anything from an inward spiritual struggle to attain perfect faith to a political or military struggle to further the islamic cause.

25 August, 2005

24 August, 2005

swiss news

usually they´re found on the rotsee. rowers in downtown lucerne

23 August, 2005

it´s not travis but...

not 'why does it always rain on me' but why does it always rain when i want to go onto the water for some rowing?

taxation is boring....

the world is not just black/white

but you only need some colors to get a fabulous movie!

22 August, 2005

things i hate.... part xy

blonde women parking on the sidewalk in their convertible listening to ub 40 while staring with a really dumb expression in their face at my angry eyes because i have to walk the streets due to their parking missbehaviour!

timmey, timmmeeh

for all those who always wanted to have a southpark like alter ego of themselves can finally build one
southpark studio v.2

things that remind you of getting old

wenn man bereits zum zweiten mal in folge stilles wasser kauft anstatt 'echtes' mineralwasser... wie soll ich jetzt meine apfelschorle mischen?

songs can change your life

liquid - sweet harmony
heard it on noon on saturday, gave me goose bumps all over!
same as nick cave can gave you with 'into my arms' over am radio while driving trought the outback in sundown.