16 September, 2005

free stuff for the weekend

the sidewinder bonus cd heavy! click on audio and then sidewinder cd, stores an mp3file on your disk ;)

for crying out loud

there are only three dates for latzenbier, thanks to the kind but incompetent people at ###### I have to rewrite a test that was lost in the mail [that still happens today?] and they were so kind, not to inform me that the time for the test and the topic has been changed....

15 September, 2005


setting your mobile on silent over the night may help you falling asleep. although there is a chance for you and the person trying to reach you late at night that you might answer the call...

14 September, 2005

what comes next

after 'word of the day' here´s the song of the day:
bran van 3000 - astouned

[from the really astonishing album discosis]

12 September, 2005

word of the day

omphaloskepsis [plural: omphaloskepsises]

i should....

i should stop drinking that amount of coffee. everytime i´m asked to buzz someone i talk some gibberish!

11 September, 2005


not drum ´n bass but deutsche bahn! hell yeah, first their server presented me a route that doesn´t actually exist, so i got up one hour to early, sat 58 minutes at the station and nearly missed my connection in cologne.... fun as hell, hope they gonna make some music next time


85km of rowing on the rhine, took us 6 hours, some liters of water because of the boiling sun and some pain afterwards. result: nobody was happy neither with the crew nor the boat!