17 November, 2005

wanna feel like a pro?

like cycling? like cycling in the city? love the excitement when you go over pavements etc?
don´t try this: NYC messenger bike race


what funny email adresses can be found in my inbox, and yes, these are used by friends of mine:
dr. branda walsh bh90210
mira sierra
alberts tochter
kai bombero
lord matze
snowy fenton
post fuer nora
ritter schienenblitz
ruder ralf
schwester peter
tidy work

zündel update

german news, 'kopfschütteln'
zu juristischen hintergründen hier

silly ads

'do you love christmas decoration but hate the struggle with the christmas candles? we have THE solution for you: cordless candles!'
WOW, ours are also cordless and they´re made of parafin

16 November, 2005

yeah II

i´ve been invited by a german sports magazin for some indoor-skiing, never skied before! won first place in the fit for fun ski programme price is two days in the indoor skiing. maybe i should try some snowboarding!


warner plans to offer tv-series via internet, for free, with short ad-breaks [up to 2min per episode] english news
german news

14 November, 2005

i am free

to do what i want to. suse linux 10.0 up and running. feels good, is this the moment for me to switch over?