31 Mai, 2008


das wars wohl [mal wieder]für das gute alte brauereipferd fortuna


heute, herzschlagfinale der dritten liga:
wird fortuna düsseldorf es endlich mal wieder schaffen, in die zweite zu kommen?
finde andere auch spannend, im ruderverein wird eine woche vor beginn der em wohl der grill mangels besucher noch kalt bleiben, aber die tribüne ist schon vor der videowand aufgebaut!

ole fortuna!

29 Mai, 2008

australian ad

warren, loved the ad for virgin mobile,
looking for a female or simmilar.

but this is the beat, by far:

wiggy wiggy waaaahaarren

28 Mai, 2008

amsterdam rowing

sometimes it's interesting what you find, when you place your cloth beneath other peoples baggage:
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the bestest....

wuppertal has funny names for its streets, like:
im funkloch [at no reception]
hassnacken [hate neck]

but this one is the best:
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podcasts galore

i really enjoy my "old" ipod nano. comes in handy on the trip to/from work everyday and whilst i`m rowing on my erg. for the second one i switched from music albums to podcasts!
german radio station eins live offers some great talkshows, reports etc [all without music due to copyright issues]. here are some choices for you, with my personel remarks:

plan b - talk
with ben becker
[whom i held for quite an arsehole, after havong heard his story i was quite bemused.... nice fellow!]

klubbing - charlotte roche reading from her book 'feuchtgebiete'
for all those readers of quality magazines like prisma and vanity fair [like me, sic!]:
neither will she be doing porn, nor is it "anal frisuren" it's 'anal fissuren' instead [and yes, there is a huge difference between these simmilar sounding words]

there is loads of good stuff, like 'dittsche' comedy show, which i can't stand watchig because it's too close to reality for me but listening is just fun.

and finally, now there's summer in germany, a good australian podcast [besides the bang gang djs], the merrick & rosso & kate richie show from nova 969......