30 September, 2005

what´s this?

no, not a pommesgabel, THIS is a pommesgabel! Posted by Picasa

28 September, 2005

mass postings...

sorry for the mass postings the last few times, but here´s a normal one:
whilst driving in belgium and going all over the dial i found a dance radio station near lokeren. have to go for all my old mokum and bonzai records now...

27 September, 2005

bad mood

on our return trip my left hand thumb is in a bad mood :( though there are not THAT many blisters this time, only 13... Posted by Picasa

for the survivors

it´s not about winning [at least not for us] what counts is finishing this torture alive, we did in 13 hours and 53 mins! and this is what you get, a tin cup AND a bottle of whine from the own reserve of the club! Posted by Picasa

style and grace

did i tell you that the club is home of the alinghi, winner of the admirals cup, roger federer was there last week.... it´s just totally feudal! Posted by Picasa

for those who still didn´t get it...

i´ve been participating in the tour du lac du leman [a.k.a. genfer see = 160 km of rowing in ONE piece] Posted by Picasa

taking a break

ok, we´re mad! driving 7 1/2 hours on thursday night to get to geneve and do some 14 hours rowing, get back in a 11 hour ride [trailer!], and usually taking only small breaks FACING THE HIGHWAY! Posted by Picasa


60 l of clothes, 3 kg of power bars, looks like i´m ready to go on a bad trip! Posted by Picasa