19 August, 2006

Catching a Crab

rowing might hurt sometimes

18 August, 2006

ever thought of it?

easy f*cker....

not one of my best days...

too many clients to count in 4 fours, some mixed up appointments and then that:
we have a lonely lugagge in this train, so if you want to you can move to the end of the train...

i've never been scared by that but it's a bad feeling thinkig about whether your corpse might be found still wearing that tie!

16 August, 2006

pics of the last event

and that's what it looked like the last time:

pic by homerun hamburg

stick [and support] the locals

here's the announcing site of a friend of mine who's giving some up and coming talents a place to show their work.
first event was a success, enjoy the location while you can......