26 Oktober, 2006

even better idea

ever thought of it: frying your chips together with your running pc?
it works!

vie: totally crap

23 Oktober, 2006

nobody knows

how many times i've heard the scissor sisters that weekend. we were about to call radio one [at drivetime on friday] to ask for the strokes 'last night', which would have been fitting for a theme for that show - wierd places you've waken up....
have to mention the best song in that hour: basement jaxx 'where's your head at'

you know it by then

that it has been a great night out when you enter a kids store for buying something worth 12,50 britsh pound, which is made for 6-12 year old you saw on the telly at your return at night. and i will post some pictures of the electronic testtube allien----

back from sheffield

it's been a GREAT weekend in manchester/sheffield, lots of stuff that mates do, 5 pubs in a row, 23 bags of crisps, playing nintendo's super mario kart [old school], downing a couples of beers, jägermeister and irnbru, laughing, farting and [as the perfect ending] getting upgraded for business class at the airport [which saved us waiting for hours at the check in where 350 ppl were waiting to get their luggage scanned... and made us come to our plane quite in time]