06 November, 2005

sunday morning [warning, long content]

ok, i just want to tell you a little story which might take a while / some lines.

last weekend some of my friends moved out of their shared appartement in downtown düsseldorf. i was one of the helping hands [ok, there were only 10 hands in total, so not that many]and thought as these two guys are quite chaotic 'better bring yourself something to drink and eat. or even better, bring something for them, too. so they might have some energy.'
i bought a couple of buns at the bakery, had some of them for myself on the walk and kept for cheesy buns for them.
as i came up to the museum 'kunstsammlung' i met a tramp [sounds the best this way, hobo or bum isn´t nice, and not doing this special guy it´s right]. i knew him because of my early training this summer. when i´ve been riding my bike to the harbour at half past five he took his sleeping matrass and left his night place at the 'ratinger tor' in the park. this seemed to be the only place tramps are nowadays allowed to sleep because of the rigid policy of the town of düsseldorf.
anyway, i passed him by, he was cleaning his glasses and looked at my way. i catched a blink and nodded to him.
as i was walking along i thought 'don´t you have something for this poor fella?'
i knew i only had 1,30 € as change mony from the bakery in my pocket which felt nothing suitable for this situation. so i stepped back, wished him a good morning and asked whether he already had breakfast.
he was kind of astouned, looked at me without saying anything.
so i told him that i could offer him two cheesy buns.
he dind´t say anything.
i just pulled the two buns out of the bag and put them into his hand. as i´ve sen him before i knew he wasn´t dirty. by this his face cleared. he didn´t smile but his reaction was really happy. not only because of the food he´s got but [i guess] because of the 'normal' treatment he recieved.
i wished him a good sunday and left. with a really good feeling. not because i helped somebody, this wasn´t what i intended. but because i made him feel good, like an accepted human being.

second part, present, as today, sunday.
coming home from training yesterday i thought, if you see the same waitress at the bakery and the weather is good tomorrow, you buy him a couple of buns.
as you might guess, the weather was fine [so he might be in his usual place] and i got a beautiful smile from the girl behind the counter. so i proceeded as planned, passed another tramp at the 'ratinger tor' leaving his sleeping place.
i met him in his usual place, sitting on some stairs and filling a small pipe with tobacco.
i just stopeed in front of him. he glanced at me without remembering me. i just handed him the bag with buns and told him that they were coming straight from the oven to show him my honesty in cause he was suspicious.
he just took the bag and thanked me. i left with wishing him a pleasant sunday.

after a few meters behind him i turned to the side of the 'kunstsammlung' to run into a hughe crowd of people. which reminded me of the biggest exhibition of henry matisse held right now at this museum. sponsored by KPMG.
they´ve build a special and expensive building for queueing infront of the building and there were already a lot of people waiting even at this time of the day without the museum being open.
all of these people were dressed properly, quite fashionable. and i thought:
if all you joggers out there who run sundays through the park, all you single dads / mums who buy something for breakfast on sunday mornings together with your kids, all you sponsors out there, if you all would buy two buns more as you normally would do and gave them to the next tramp you meet..... just make them feel normal and accepted.
i don´t have any money to give but i can afford two buns, everybody can!
think global but act local!