03 Februar, 2006

why i got this job, probably....

at the wu'tal train station, a young student close to tears:
i need to check in at the duesseldorf airport at 2:15pm for my flight to switzerland and this is the fastest connection i got from the information guy [regional express to d'dorf central station, arrives 1:40pm and then take the s-bahn to d'dorf airport, departing at 1:50pm arrives at 2:18pm]

me: there is a faster connection, direct from d'dorf central station to the airport with the regional express direction to minden and this one usually leaves at ten minutes to 2 pm. it only needs about 10 mins to get to the airport. there should be plenty time to check in.

she sits nervous in the train, no one cares. she looks at me again and asks: this trains leaves from what platform?
it was something like platform 11 or 12, back when i was studying [sic!] but things could have changed. no worries, it will be allright....

we arrive at 1:40pm at duesseldorf central station. i direct her to the time table, and guess what, i was absolutely right! regional express to minden, departing 1:55pm, arrives duesseldorf air port 1:58pm!!! ok, they changed the platfrom, it was now #9....
but another happy customer! and it was so easy

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