21 Dezember, 2006

crappy...merry..... whatever

my mobile is broke. and they tell me that it's a damage caused by water....
what the hell? i may be sweatty, i may have recieved a call in the rain but does that really mean this thingy to break down?
what's next, ipod crashes because of humidity?

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Bob Meade hat gesagt…

Nico, sometimes this problem can be solved by gently cooking the mobile with some heat. It evaporates the water. I've fixed it myself this way, with both pagers and cell phones.

In Australia, we just leave it on the car dashboard in the hot Sun for a while. Where you are take off the back, the battery, the front cover and you could try cooking it in an oven at around 40 degrees C for about 30 minutes. If that doesn't work, try it at a hotter temp for a shorter time.

This should only be tried with phones which have been consigned to the scrap heap by the qualified repair gurus.