09 Oktober, 2007

the beauty wihtin

why should i buy ski from gucci?
or why should someone buy coffey for more then 3 € when you can have a great cortado around the corner for just 1,20 €?
is there really need for a style-company to sweep the market with "sport glasses"?
why choose a poloshirt from the so called "designer" tommy hilfiger [he himself pronounced this title and picked the option for very unnatural looking teeth] when there a shorts from [for example] lacoste or fred perry, which have have prooven their style over decades?
why watch football/soccer when there is the rugby worldcup? [zero response in germany]
why listen to madonna when the "originators" as liam howlet from the prodigy refused to work with her / for her new album [his great words were " i could directly sell my soul to the devil"] or from jaques lu cont?

if anyone can answer one of these, besides the last question of course, drop a comment.

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chris hat gesagt…

Nico, don't bother. Style is something, you're socialized into. Some got it, some don't.