23 August, 2008

bob is right, off course!

the pics from down under don't actually were taken in australia. but they we're posted by a blog from victoria, australia ;)


now to something completely different, music!

one of my preffered musical bands is bran van 3000. they only released 2 albums so far, as i know. one of them is known for the 3rd track: drinking in LA.

the second album is even better, the first song nearly covers the whole talent of the musical collaboration: the only clared sample of curtis mayfield [signed while he was in hospital, the last action he actully took, rest in peace. but it's a nice fact about this great musician, curtis]. the song's named 'astouned' and you already might have heard it.

but here's a funny story : in the posts beneath a video of bran von someone writes: "Dude I love them!!! I love this CD found it in my car!"

i really like the idea of discovering this band / music with an unknown cd you find in your car. maybe it's a used car you bought and find this cd..... totally love it.

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