15 Januar, 2009

facebook of any use?

for the start of 2009 facebook welcomed me with the favorite videos shared through their network. astonishingly no1 was

M.I.A. - paper planes

interesting to me because i allways thought that M.I.A. was more like an underground things. allthough the video was shot in new york the band off course is british. the official version is censored in the US. the original vid has the gunshots.... here's the comment from maya


by the way the song itself is excellent and will appear on the soundtrack of an upcoming major movie release 'slumdog millionaire'. the dfa remix made it to stadium song for the st. louis cardinals..... funny story 

the remix by adrock of the beastie boys is sick.

if you like the older releases of M.I.A. like 'jimmy' or 'boy'  you should check buraka som sistema

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