13 März, 2009

geschmackslosigkeiten, teil 1

für alle die die damaligen "knaller" aus viva-anfangstagen vergessen haben / nicht vergessen wollen, hier ein mix mit 90ies thrash zum selbstschutz [aussage von scheckkartenpunk]. aber die tracklist ist schon beeindruckend:

1.Ready Or Not The Course
2.What is love Haddaway
3.Somebody dance with me DJ Bobo
4.Rhythm Is A Dancer Snap
5.More And More Captain Hollywood Project
6.Another Night Mc Sar & The Real Mccoy
7.Ain‘t Nobody The Course
8.Don‘t Give Me Your Life Alex Party
9.Push the feeling on Nightcrawlers
10.Show me love Robin S
11.Keep on dancing DJ Bobo
12.Twilightzone 2 Unlimited
13.Don‘t You Want Me Felix
14.Take control DJ Bobo
15.It’s My Life Dr. Alban
16.Life Haddaway
17.Magic Carpet Ride Mighty Dub Kats
18.The magic friend 2 Unlimited
19.Never Alone 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
20.Got to get it Culture Beat
21.Rhythm of the night Corona
22.Take Me Away Twenty 4 Seven F
23.Tribal dance 2 Unlimited
24.James Brown is Dead L.A. Style
25.It’s Like That Run DMC
26.No One 2 Unlimited
27.Run Away Mc Sar & The Real Mccoy
28.Sexy Eyes Whigfield
29.Get-A-Way Maxx
30.Piece of my heart Intermission
31.Love sees no colour U96
32.Mr. Vain Culture Beat
33.Move on baby Capella
34.It`s a rainy day Ice MC
35.Sweet dreams La Bouche
36.Dreams (Will Come Alive) 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
37.Love is magic Loft
38.The summer is magic Playahitty
39.U got 2 let the music Cappella
40.Think about the way Ice Mc
41.Up‘n`away Mr. President
42.Scatman Scatman, John
43.Be my lover La Bouche
44.Leave them alone Twenty 4 seven
45.Dub I dub Me & My
46.U & Me Cappella
47.Stay With Me Forever Definition Of Joy
48.Children Robert Miles
49.Right in the night Jam&Spoon
50.Love is all around Dj Bobo
51.No more Maxx
52.The Colour Of My Dreams BG The Prince Of Rap
53.Feel the heat of the night Masterboy
54.Take your chance Fun factory
55.Freedom DJ Bobo
56.Omen III Magic Affair
57.Der Berg ruft K2
58.In the middle of the night Magic Affair
59.Max don`t have sex with your ex E-Rotic
60.Let the dream come true DJ Bobo
61.Crying In The Rain Culture Beat
62.Love message Various Artists
63.Success Three-O-Matic
64.You know, I know Bang!
65.I show you secrets Pharao
66.Let the beat control your body 2 unlimited
67.Willy use a billy-boy E-Rotic
68.The real thing 2 Unlimited
69.Eins zwei Polizei MO-DO
70.There is a star Pharao
71.Fred come to bed E-Rotic
72.Doll Insel mit zwei Bergen Dolls United
73.I Love To Love LaBouche
74.The first the last eternity Snap
75.Captain Jack Captain Jack
76.Sex on the phone E-Rotic
77.Drill Instructor Captain Jack
78.Heaven U96
79.Disco fans Star Wash
80.Forever young Interactive
81.Love religion U 96
82.Living without your love Interactive
83.Take Away The Colour Ice Mc
84.Move your ass Scooter
85.Somewhere over the rainbow Marusha
86.Love song Mark `Oh
87.Computerliebe Das Modul
88.Hardcore vibes Dune
89.Tears don‘t lie Mark‘Oh
90.Stars Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
91.Wonderful Days Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
92.Can‘t stop raving Dune
93.Ich Möchte Immer Bei Dir Sein Das Modul
94.Kleine Maus Das Modul
95.Friends Scooter
96.Rave nation DJ Hooligan
97.I‘m A Raver Lipstick
98.I wanna be a Hippie Technohead
99.Kleiner Satellit Blümchen
100.Du Und Ich Blümchen
101.Herz an Herz Blümchen
102.Boomerang Blümchen

[p.s.: nummer 9 und 10 finde ich gar nicht so schlimm, 13, 17 und 25 habe ich sogar selber hier rumfliegen ;)]

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skp hat gesagt…

ja push the feelings, show me love, don't you want me und magic carpet ride sind schon großartig. aber das sind sozusagen die paar nadeln im heuhaufen dieses mixes. :)