07 Mai, 2006


ok, it was horrible!
right from the start at the sceenic view right beneath the loreley we were washed! litterally and in every meaning.... over the next 5:34 hours my shoes were soaking wet, my feet started freezing.
my zootie and shirt dried several times but then again the got wet by the next wave. and nearly every wave crawled through our boat, over 100 km, too many to count!
but it still was rowing and it was fun! the sun screen was absolutely waterproof, otherwise i would have been washed AND burned. great temperatures [otherwise this water feast would have been something less to mention].
and after we finished i really REALLY wanted to shower to wash all the dirt of me and get dry!!! my feet looked like clown feet [or like the claws of a duck, really]. my hands were covered with blisters beneath the shrunken skin which looked like i've spent the whole day in the bath.

long story short, we all thought this was the worst race ever..... and we really thought they would have forgotten our time: until we were called to the stage, second place in the longest rhine race!

yeah, getting up at 5, cycling through the city to the rowing club, passing some drunksters downtown and some clubbers leaving the last 2 open clubs [nero and harpune, that is; i would prefer the last one], driving from d'dorf to neuwied, picking up the rest of the crew, driving to st. goar, looking for a loo, making fun of ourselfs, rowing, rowing, getting washed, rowing, burning, wave, rowing, swearing, rowing, getting washed, rowing, drinking..... retourining at home half past 9 pm.... it was worth it [and i got a t-shirt]!

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