04 Mai, 2006

silent but deadly....

[over 160]
ok, it's no fun getting back from work with the best weather, a.k.a. the hottest day for this year and find out that your train back home is a) packed with people, b) transferred to a different city for some malfuncture of the direct route [dead bodies everywhere] c) therefor delayed by over 30 mins and d) even further packed with a school class of screaming girls returning from their field trip.
ok, it came all together plus this:
this dumb as f*ck woman next to me was putting their feet on the seat!!!
it's hot as hell, this train is packed by screaming girls in aisle and you bitch occupy this free seat with your feet? in sydney you get fined with 250 bucks, that's for sure and that's fair!
there were girls standing next to the seat and she didn't move her feet.... her mobile ringing, yawning, etc. but not offering this free seat to someone.
so, after 30 mins of travelling it's time for my justice.
we arrive at düsseldorf trainstation, she rise to leave her seat. no mrs, not this fast. i'm not moving my knees so there is no possible way to let her go. i stay in this position until the train stops. then i rise up, overlooking her by two head and blocking her way even more obvious.
then i let all the ppor children pass, 5 minutes, smiling and them knowing that mrs. dumbfuck is going mental behind me, trying to push me gentle.....
and then, in this hot hell of a sweated train, pushed by her, i farted......

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